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‘Timing is everything’ when planning a wedding

There’s a lot to do to prepare for a wedding

The notion that “timing is everything” is applicable in many situations, perhaps none more so than on a couple’s wedding day.

Many couples spend months, if not years, planning their weddings in the hopes that all that hard work will ultimately result in a day they will cherish forever.

The sheer volume of things to do on a wedding day can make couples feel overwhelmed. Those feelings can be overcome by emphasizing timing on the day of the wedding.

Wedding day timelines will differ depending on variables that are unique to each couple’s wedding, but the following are some factors to consider as couples organize the big day.


The schedule couples adhere to on their wedding day will be greatly affected by their choice of venue. Does the venue have somewhere on-premises for the couple and their party to get ready? Are the ceremony and reception being held at the same venue?

Before creating a timeline, consider the location of the ceremony and reception venue and the accommodations each provides. Getting to and from multiple facilities won’t be an issue if couples choose a multipurpose venue where they can get ready, tie the knot and dance the night away all in one place. Couples who will be moving from venue to venue throughout the day must build the time it takes them and their party to get about into their timelines.

Wedding party

The size of the wedding party also bears consideration when planning a wedding day timeline. Large parties will require more time to get ready, and that should be factored into the timelines. Large parties also may be harder to corral and transport from place to place, so couples should build some extra time into their timelines to account for that. Small wedding parties can be easier to manage, so couples with small parties may be able to begin their timelines a little later in the day than those with large wedding parties.


Weather is the most unpredictable variable that couples need to plan for on their wedding days. As the wedding day approaches, couples can monitor the day’s forecast and then make any necessary changes to account for inclement weather.

Getting around in a rainstorm will likely take longer than moving about on a sunny day, so some minor tweaks to the timeline may be necessary if storms or another type of inclement weather is in the forecast.

Couples can access wedding day timeline templates on various websites. But it’s important that couples remember their weddings are unique, so online guidelines might not be realistic.

A careful consideration of a handful of variables specific to a couple’s wedding can help them craft timelines that make their big day go smoothly.

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