Swans have left Canim Lake for the warmer climate in the U.S.

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Ladies of Canim and Hawkins lakes gathered for the monthly Ladies Luncheon of the Canim Community Club in Jake’s Pub recently.

Ladies of Canim and Hawkins lakes gathered for the monthly Ladies Luncheon of the Canim Community Club in Jake’s Pub recently.


Dear Canimites:

The western half of Canim Lake was finally frozen by Jan. 11.

The six swans we were all watching left a few days before that, apparently on a through flight to the warm thermal lakes in the tri-state area of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The Mahood Lake folks never saw them.


Thanks Colleen

Thanks to Colleen Felker, who delivered mail for Canim Lake, Eagle Creek and Hawkins Lake for nine years without ever missing a day.

Canada Post has re-jigged its system and is replacing private contractors like Colleen. We’ll miss seeing her smiling face behind the wheel of the big white van with the flower on the grill.

For her part, Colleen says she loved the job and misses her customers. Now, she is busy setting up an office for Can-Com beside Kal Tire to provide satellite, Internet and Shaw services.

Meanwhile, welcome to George Nowell who has been assigned the postal delivery for our area.


Community Club

The club’s official purposes have been in place for the last 20 years and no longer reflect the current activities.

Time and the community have moved on. The executive has drafted a survey for members to help define the future purposes of the club. It will be finalized shortly and then sent by e-mail or mail to all members for comment.

Please make sure the club has both your correct physical and mailing addresses, and your e-mail address if you have one. Please check with Sheila Hart at 250-397-2645 if you are not sure.


Toody’s 93rd

Toody Shirran celebrated her 93rd birthday on Jan. 14.

She still gardens up a storm in summer, takes care of the chickens, sells eggs, cooks for the family, and feeds the many birds who visit her feeders.

She doesn’t fiddle up a storm as she used to, but loves to read and chat with neighbours.

Her secret for a long and productive life: “Lots of hard work. Be careful what you eat. Preferably grow it yourself.”


Bits and Bites

• There was a collision between a logging truck and a lighter vehicle at the narrow and sharp corners at kilometre 8122 on the South Canim Road. Three people sustained serious but not life-threatening injury and were treated at the hospital. Industrial traffic has increased on that road lately, requiring extreme caution by all motorists.

• Doug Pendergast on South Canim Road had a big Lynx standing in his driveway directing traffic. The critter was later seen by others between Doug’s and the Canim Lake Store.

• After Doug’s sighting, I had another reminder about country living, while checking out groceries at the food store. The cashier noted she, too, liked the Cheerios I was buying. The packer did too, but without milk.

Another woman said they are best mixed in with yogurt. Try having that discussion in Ottawa or Vancouver!

• A set of Volkswagen keys was found in the Canim Lake Estates. These can be recovered from Irene Dowling by phoning 250-397-0212.



Canim Lake Citizens on Patrol activity was high over the holidays with members taking turns touring the area on the look-out.

Canim Lake captain Margo Wagner says the group will continue with frequent patrols through the rest of the winter.


Mineral exploration

Happy Creek Minerals, a junior mining exploration company based in Vancouver, has two properties in the immediate area – one adjoining Hawkins Lake on the north and the other encompassing No Name Lake.

The former is called the Hawk property, which abuts the School House Provincial Park on the east. The target minerals are copper, gold and silver.

Additional drilling is planned for this prospect. You can find details at www.happycreekminerals.com.

Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.