Support available for men and spouses

Below the Belt support group has successful first year

June saw the end of a successful first year for Below the Belt.

We managed to continue our mission of assisting people by removing the mystique of their problems and aiding in the understanding there are many people with the same health issues and they are not alone.

We have found that by talking with others helps to inform as well as release the frustration that sometimes occurs when they are unable to share with family and even their physician.

Meeting with other survivors who have personally experienced Below the Belt diseases, such as prostrate cancer, bladder cancer, ostomies, Crohn’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and other Below the Belt issues, has helped the survivors know there is a support group available – a group endeavouring to remove the stigma that unfortunately has long been attached to these health issues.

Below the Belt had two public meetings in 2013/14 (advertised in the 100 Mile House Free Press) and we provided each person with a mentor who shared their experiences on how they managed their problems, as well as help provide supportive tips. There were guest speakers who provided another point of view and the subject matters they passed on applied to all participants.

Below the Belt volunteers do not provide medical advice, they share their personal experiences and offer support on how to deal with your problem.

Our thanks go to the guest speakers who provided us with valuable of advice. We also thank Rainer Meyer of Rainer’s Health House who presented Below the Belt a cheque for $250 after giving neck massages during the Canada Day celebration at the 108 Heritage Site.

Our next season starts again at the end of September 2014. Watch for the notification in the Free Press and mark your calendars to remind you and your spouse or friend to attend.

For more information, call Reg at 250-791-9235, Martin at 250791-5540 and Chris at 250-791-6616.

Reg Berrington is a Below the Belt director.