Summer camp at The Rock fun for all

The Rock summer camp in 108 Mile rocks

Thirteen-year-old Emily Rahn

Thirteen-year-old Emily Rahn

There is a summer camp going on at The Rock in the 108 Mile Ranch.

It is called Camp SumMore Fun, and there are some great local teenagers helping out.

Hiedi Enger-Mack runs the weekly camp for children aged five to 11 years, and she has teens as helpers because they connect well with the younger children. Enger-Mack says the teenagers communicate easily with them while participating in the activities.

Some of the activities include “slime time” and the inflatable water slide.

For many of the teen helpers, it is their first year helping out at the camp. Destiny Embree, 14, found out that she could help at this camp from Enger-Mack, and says she enjoys playing the games with the children and likes to cheer them up if they get sad.

Bella Klassen, 14, says she loves the young ones. She knew about this camp because her mom helped with camps like this when she was a youth.

This is also Klassen’s first year and she says she can’t wait to learn more about the younger children.


Some of the teens have helped in previous years, including 13-year-old Emily Rahn who has been helping for two years. Rahn says she enjoys helping out because it gives her something to do in the summer. She likes participating in the activities while helping the little ones have fun.


These busy teenagers volunteer their time, and the younger children look up to them, and Enger-Mack says the teens make the camp more enjoyable for everyone.