Students celebrate camp life, distance education

Students attend Lake of the Trees

Thirteen kids in distance learning participated in a hike. (Photo Submitted)

Six families visited Lake of the Trees Bible Camp this month as part of School District 27’s distance education program, Graduation Routes Other Ways (GROW).

Thirteen youth, aged preschool to Grade 9, and their parents participated in various activities at the four-night camp, organized by the Parents Advisory Council (PAC), in collaboration with SD27.

Angelika Sellick, a parent of three boys in the program, said it was a “concentrated time where we could really get to know each other a lot,” and “it was a really unique thing to watch the kids come together.”

Families stayed in the Lake of the Trees cabins and were provided meals by the camp. Activities included archery, rock climbing, poetry and hiking.

“The staff were really warm and welcoming and helpful,” Sellick said. She added she and her sons were able to participate in all of the activities even though her husband couldn’t come.

The PAC also coordinated workshops in drama and music for the kids. LeRae Haynes, who taught the music aspect of the workshop, brought eight ukuleles and worked with the younger children who had attended.

“It was wonderful to see the kids engaged. She had them playing within one hour,” Sellick said. “She’s such a presence that you want to be there with her.”

She added that she was really grateful to the teachers who came out.

Families also went to Spring Lake Ranch to go horseback riding. The younger children tried riding on ponies while the older kids and parents went for a trail ride.

“The takeaway (from) this is an example of how collaboration can bring together a really beautiful experience of how children can learn together,” said Sellick. “(The trip created) really wonderful memories for the 13 kids.”

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Thirteen kids aged preschool to grade 9 tried out the climbing wall at Lake of the Trees Bible Camp. (Photo Submitted)