Students back in school

Slow down while driving in school zones in 108 Mile Ranch

Mile 108 Elementary School is back in operation, so please slow down as you pass through the school zone.

With our type of weather, the students need all the protection we can give them.

Please give the school buses their room, as tailgating a school bus is against the law and very dangerous, according to ICBC. Tailgating is one of the most dangerous offences a motorist can do and it creates rear-end accidents and injuries.

Kindergarten registration will begin on Jan. 29. Children must be five years old by Dec. 31, 2013 to register.

Children presently enrolled in kindergarten do not need to re-register for Grade 1. A birth certificate (or other proof of age) and the presentation of the BC Care Card is required at registration.

Students will normally register at the school in their catchment area. Parents not sure of their area should contact the nearest elementary school or the School District #27 office 1-250-398-3800, or go to the website at

The deadline for the school-of-choice (schools other than your catchment school) applications is March 15.

108 Lions

108 Lion Jim Gellein says the ice on the 108 Lake is approximately nine inches thick and a number of snowmobiles have already been enjoying the use of the lake.

He also advises the cash prize for Ice Off 2013, using the Good Ship MV Lion, will be $200 – up from $100 of last year. A rough guide to ice conditions is ice needs to be four inches to walk on it, eight inches to snowmobile and 18 inches to drive a vehicle on it (this depends on the vehicle, etc.)

Please note it is the responsibility of everyone, who uses the lake, to be sure the ice is safe enough for their kind of activity

Road conditions

There have been a number of complaints this year concerning the clearing of snow from the 108 Mile Ranch roads.

The first major snowfall was not removed very well, but the second major snowfall was cleared much better. The major problem was that the first snowfall turned into ice and the second snowfall just covered it up, making conditions very slippery.

These conditions created a number of accidents and it was so bad that even the school buses could not climb some of the hills and had to back down and try again.

Suspicious behaviour

There have been some reports of a male going around the 108 Mile Ranch checking out what could be empty houses and or cabins.

Some people say they have observed a black pickup truck. The RCMP is aware of this individual and it is suggested that if you observe any suspicious activity, contact the police with information of the time of day and location of the event.

Let’s work together to create a safe 108 Mile Ranch.