The Story of the Elves by Thayus de Groot McSorley. (Photo submitted)

The Story of the Elves by Thayus de Groot McSorley. (Photo submitted)

Story of the Elves

A submission to the Free Press Christmas Writing Contest

CHAPTER 1: The Orb and the Staff

A long, long time ago, there was a young elf named Syrus. They called themselves “elves” and the leaders with magic called themselves Celts. Syrus was the head elf of his Kingdom – he was the prince. And he was skilled in hunting.

His father got injured in a bear attack and what did Syrus do about it? He fought the bear with lightning-fast speed and motion – every time he hit the bear it got weaker and weaker. And then, with one final blow, the bear fell, and his father was not going to be bear food.

…but what else happened?

Syrus’s staff broke!

The staff that had the last magic in all the Kingdom.

The staff was broken. All that was left of it was its arrowhead. It was made out of silver and took 25 days to create. All of the last magic in the Kingdom was destroyed. But all that magic created was an orb, far deep within the forest.


Later that year, when the snow stopped falling, he found the orb underneath a pile of leaves while he was out walking in the woods. And when he picked up the orb, he felt a power go through him.

When he went back to the castle, his father said he had pointed ears and an English accent, and he was shorter than the last time he saw him! Syrus was normally pretty tall, and suddenly he was only five feet tall. Suddenly, his father also began to transform right before his eyes – developing pointy ears, an English accent and dropping about a foot in height.


A few years later, Syrus was travelling through the forest, and this time, he had a brand new, golden crown with his arrowhead in the middle of the crown. He was a few inches shorter. His father was slightly growing a beard.

But later that year, they found a large castle in the middle of an area that had a toy factory, and at this time, his father was about 200 years old, and Syrus was 100 years old. The orb gave them the power to live forever.

And when they saw a castle, they decided to go to it, and what they saw was mesmerizing. A giant rink that was 45 feet across, and reindeer – hundreds and hundreds of reindeer – all pulling sleighs, and short people about three feet tall…and he recognized them as some of the people that had created the greatest toys ever known.

He noticed that the men that worked in a toy factory weren’t working but were decorating trees with bobbles and tinsel, and magnificent ornaments. And all of them had one star in the shape of the Star of Bethlehem.

When they got close to the trees, they could hear the song Jingle Bells. And then when they went toward the castle, they noticed that the sound of Jingle Bells was coming from the castle, and before they darted away, they walked in. They wondered what wonders lay beyond.

CHAPTER 2: The Santa Claus

When they walked in, they noticed that there were still more trees inside, but fewer ornaments. They all had the same star on the top of them, and they noticed stables for the reindeer, where they would graze on hay and sleep. He noticed that at the very end there was one reindeer with a red nose and there was a necklace that said “Rudolf” on each bead. And it was magnificent because its stable had magnificent swirls going around like vines bearing fruit.

And before they could tremble in confusion, they heard, “HO HO HO!” in a big, jolly voice.

They noticed, when they turned back, that it was Kris Kringle. Then they looked back at Rudolph and noticed that it was the very special reindeer – Rudolph. They realized that they were looking at the real Santa Claus.

Santa said, “How skilled are you at making toys?”

“I’m not skilled, and neither is my father, but my brothers and sisters love making toys. They make me new toys almost every day!”

Santa Claus said, “HO HO HO!” again, “I sure hope that I’ll get more help on the toys. I have to give a large delivery of millions and millions of children.”

In his mind, Syrus was thinking, “Would I give my brothers and sisters up to the famous toy maker, or would I live back at my palace? Or would I live with them while being with Santa?”

He went with, “We will all live here together, with you, Santa.”

Santa said, “HO HO HO!” again.


Travelling by flying reindeer, they returned to his palace and gathered all of his brothers and sisters, and returned to the North Pole.

Syrus said, “This is just like magic!”

Santa said, “This IS magic!”

Syrus chuckled and then the chuckle became a laugh!

When they got back to the castle, all of his brothers and sisters immediately went to the toy-making room. This time, instead of a small 20-by-10 room, it was almost 1,000-by-1,000-metre-long walls.

Santa said, with a wink, “Magic again.” And immediately when they walked into the room, their ears became elf ears! Except for Santa who remained unchanged.

CHAPTER 3: Christmas Eve

While his brothers and sisters were quickly making millions of toys at a time, he noticed he had more brothers and sisters than when last saw them. His brothers and sisters just ran in and it seemed like they were all multiplying.

One of the brothers said, “Syrus, are you okay?”

Syrus replied, “I’m just wondering how there are thousands of you because I only had five brothers and five sisters.”

His brother said, “Oh! We just duplicated from magic.”

Syrus sighed.

Santa said, “There is a large dorm room for you just up the corridor.”

Syrus went to his room. When he got there, he noticed that there was a microphone on a desk.

He went to the microphone, sat down and said, “What is this thing?”

And then he heard a voice come out of the microphone saying, “What thing?”

Syrus jumped back, nearly falling out of his chair.

He asked, “Hello?”

He heard another voice. “Hot chocolate?

Syrus said, “Sure.”

“Okay, it’ll take five minutes,” said a voice from the other side.

Syrus thought, “What’s hot chocolate?” He decided to find out.

When the hot chocolate arrived, Syrus saw a teacup with reindeer heads and then he saw the actual cup that he drank out of with the same design, except it looked like a tall cauldron than a teacup. He sipped the gloriously rich, dark drink. It was hot. He decided to get a glass of water that suddenly appeared on his table as he thought of it.

He wondered, “How did that get there?” He drank the water and left the hot chocolate to cool for a small amount of time. Without warning, he heard a blaring alarm sound. He went to his balcony and looked down where he saw many packages being put into a big sack. And the sack went out of sight.

Curious, he ventured out of his room. He went to the reindeer with bells emblazoned with “Blitzen” and said, “I’m guessing you’re going to have a big delivery.”

He didn’t know what Christmas was, so he thought they were just delivering toys. And when they got the toys onto a launch pad a few minutes later, he noticed the reindeer were hooked up to a large rope system. They hovered in the air like a helicopter, then darted off through a large hole that looked like it went into London, England.

When it disappeared, he returned to his room where he noticed a package next to his bed. He picked it up and opened it. He found a small gift saying, “From Santa.” When he opened it, it kept coming out until it was revealed to be a large, green staff that had a screw-on cap. He took off the arrowhead on his crown and attached it to the staff. It was the perfect fit! He put it on the wall and said, “Merry Christmas!”

Afterward, he walked onto his balcony and saw all of his brothers and sisters eating sandwiches and having hot chocolate and s’mores. A few moments later, he heard a woman’s voice which came from a speaker a few feet above him.

The woman’s voice said, “Crafting Room One and Crafting Room Two can go outside and have fun skating on the ice rink! Have fun! Don’t get into too much trouble.” Almost all the elves went outside except for a few that were still working on a couple of toys.

Syrus went over to ask his sister, “What are you doing?”.

His sister replied simply, “Getting ready for next Christmas.”

And that’s when Syrus saw it: atop the tallest Christmas tree in the largest room, the same orb that he found in the forest so many years ago. Leading him to this magical place all along.


Story inspired by the movies “The Santa Clause” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

Nov. 18, 2022 by Thayus de Groot McSorley

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