Speaking well can be an art form

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Hisako Arai

Hisako Arai

There was a speech arts recital recently in the Forest Grove Community Hall and they had it all.

It ranged from bed pans and oxygen masks to hobos and campfires, and ended with cinnamon buns and juice.

It all happened on June 10 when the Forest Grove Speech Arts Program ended its season with a year-end recital. There was, however, some stiff competition as the group performed at the same time as the Canucks were playing their fifth game in the Stanley Cup finals.

Hisako Arai and Kira Saenger were the two performers and together they presented 14 pieces, ranging from Canadian poems to lyric, narrative and humourous poems, and ending with reader’s theatre, prose and drama.

Kira’s rendition of The Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, which received special recognition at Martin Exeter Hall in 100 Mile House earlier this year, was most enjoyable, leaving us with a chuckle at the end.

Arai, who retired several years ago from nursing, developed a speech arts program suitable for youths to learn proper speaking skills. Five years ago, she advertised her program and soon she had a few children signing up.

Kira was one of her original students and, at age 11, she has developed some very impressive skills and confidence in public speaking. She was invited to the 2011 Festival of Arts – Provincial Level in Kamloops, as an observer.

Asked if she had any idea what she might want to choose as a career path, Kira said she has been thinking of acting. It’s not hard to believe after seeing her on the local stage doing a great job of entertaining us.

Special congratulations go to Hisako for volunteering her time to inspire the young children of Forest Grove to reach beyond their grasp.


Game 7 big

During the Stanley Cup playoffs, Forest Grove Legion president Tom Timleck opened the doors to the Legion Hall for patrons to come in and enjoy the hockey games on a big screen, plus have someone else cook and do dishes for them.

Some games attracted more guests than other games did, but all in all, Tom was pleased to see a lot of his regular guests take him up on his offer.

To add a bit of fun to the events, he arranged for several draws to be held after the final game had concluded. There were three prizes: a Canuck jersey, an NHL hoodie, and a fully-operational slot machine.

So, on Wednesday night after the final game had been decided, the draws took place. Linda Smith won the top prize – the Canuck hockey jersey. Ken McKinley lucked out by winning the slot machine, while Ron Brown Jr. scooped the NHL hoodie.

While the final game didn’t turn out quite the way we hoped it would, these three sports fans did leave the hall with a little smile on their face.


Coming event

Tom and his Legion staff will hold another Redneck Olympics event at the Legion on July 23, starting time is 10 a.m.

These “special” games are different and everyone enjoys the experience of these somewhat twisted Olympic competitions. Come to the Legion to participate or to simply watch others.