Residents deal with hydro outages

Community news happening around the Lac des Roches area of the South Cariboo


Despite calm, frigid air at Lac des Roches on Jan. 18, BC Hydro has advised several residents that the untimely four-hour power outage was due to “a wind storm.”

The loss of TELUS phone service coinciding with the power outage made the situation quite grave for some of the more vulnerable members of our community, as residences are outside of cellular range.

Temperatures in the area were around -40 C, making it difficult for several propane-powered back-up generators to start.

Frozen fingers and frozen water lines were the most serious incidents reported.


Help available

The January outage of power and phones was another example of how quickly our residents will come to the aid of their neighbours.

No one in our area should ever feel they couldn’t expect or ask for help when they live among such resourceful and caring people. Thanks to all of you who do so much for this community.


Quiet ice

The extreme variations in ambient temperatures we have experienced during the last few weeks would normally result in lake ice cracking and shifting sending out loud and eerie noises.

The blanket of snow and drifts on the ice are acting like mufflers, as there has been barely a peep coming from the lake.

Silent cold and calm nights are relatively rare and especially breathtaking during the darkness of the new moon.  Star and satellite gazing on a moonless night has been spectacular and may even reward the gazer with a glimpse of the northern lights with the recent solar flares.


Extreme training

For the last week of January, residents and Highway 24 travellers will notice an increase of activity on Little Lac des Roches.

Once again, Lac des Roches Resort is host to a dive team conducting winter training exercises in the chilly waters under the ice.


Hot on a cold morning

Hot coffee and tea with a slice of birthday cake was enough for half a dozen Boultbee Road walkers to tough out the -22 C air on Jan. 16.

Refreshments and baked goodies were enjoyed as well as great conversation, to celebrate another birthday for longtime resident Elsie Clarkson.


Wandering wildlife

Four otters were spotted travelling together around the lakeshore and through yards.

Wolf tracks were observed near Little Lac des Roches, as well as a sighting of a large cat, thought to be a cougar.

Although there have been few sightings of ermine, their considerable numbers and activity is evidenced by thousands of tracks everywhere.

Several residents have commented the fox has become very aggressive, often a result of either sickness or having been fed regularly by humans, accidentally or on purpose. Residents are asked to be careful with any food or food scraps placed outdoors as a nuisance fox is often destroyed for the safety of humans and domestic animals.


Successful fishing

Several groups of ice fishers appear to have had some success before the cold snap, taking burbot out of the big lake.

The conservation officer has been around and reminds anglers heading out for either day trout fishing or night burbot fishing, the regulations call for one line, one hole and one licence per angler.


Missing Buffy

Condolences go out to the Lanzoni family for the loss of their friendly dog, Buffy, which went missing in early January.

Extremely cold temperatures and predator tracks in the area cast doubt that she will return; however, in case she has found a safe refuge in the area, she is a longhaired black medium-sized dog, missed by her family.