Red Neck Regatta is going to be watery, fun-filled blast

Unique event taking place at Ruth Lake near Forest Grove

Have you all got your recycled items together to build a silly boat to enter into the Red Neck Regatta at Ruth Lake on Aug. 11?

Silly boats can be constructed of any recycled materials. They must be able to float, if only for a moment or two, hold at least two people and be assembled on site.

No boat hulls or motors are allowed; only wind or people power can be used for propulsion.

If you rummage around your garage or basement, you’re bound to find some great stuff you can use for your silly boat. Costumes are a great addition to your endeavour and can be almost anything. Pirates, clowns, loggers, Big Bird and lots of other characters are all possibilities.

This event will go rain or shine.

Boat building starts at 8 a.m. on the beach at Ruth Lake and must be finished by noon. Judging for the various categories will be done between 11:15 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., so the race can start at 1.

There are prizes for the best team spirit, first to sink, silliest boat, silliest sailor, silliest costumes and first to finish. There are lots of prizes, awards and trophies to be won.

When the race starts, boaters will race to a marker on the lake, go around it and head back shore, all of this without sinking or capsizing.

All entrants are encouraged to raise money by getting pledges together. The minimum pledge for a family is $25, $50 for a community entry and $100 for a corporate entry.

Waiver forms are at and must be filled out and handed in on the day of the competition.

Cindy Whitehead, one of the event organizers, says there are seven entries so far and there is only room for 10, so if you haven’t registered yet you had better hurry. She adds each entry is hilarious and there are a lot of great imaginations out there.

Life vests must be worn for this event or you run the risk of being disqualified. The area where you build your boat must be cleaned up before the race starts and any debris left in the water after the race must be retrieved and all your garbage must go home with you.

This event is perfect for the whole family, so choose a theme and get together with your uncles, sisters, cousins or anyone and have fun competing with each other. Break out the pool noodles, swim fins, goggles, oars, funky costumes, balloons and life jackets; it’s going to be a really fund day.

Bring a picnic lunch, visit with your friends and watch all the zany shenanigans. If you need more information, call Cindy at 250-397-2367.

Remember to bring your sun screen and be sure to watch for the “Groovy Grovers.”


Red Neck Olympics

If you’re a land lubber, you can take in the Red Neck Olympics at the Forest Grove Legion on Aug. 10.

There will be all sorts of wacky games and lots of food and laughs. Everyone is looking forward to this weekend of fun-filled events.

Don’t miss this; mark it on your calendar and make your way to Forest Grove on Aug. 10-11.