Postal address changes now being considered for Area L

Lac des Roches and area residents' input sought on postal address changes

Based out of Williams Lake

Based out of Williams Lake

Cariboo District Area L Director Bruce Rattray advises Canada Post will consider changing Area L addresses from Lone Butte to Bridge Lake, Deka Lake or Sheridan Lake if requested by local government.

This change would not affect mail delivery itself, but it would change the official “city” designation on the address to a more geographically correct one. It would mean officially changing addresses for those businesses and private residents affected.

Bruce needs input from his constituents and is asking for opinions to be sent to him at or 250-593-9359.

Busy long weekend

Despite rain showers, the lake was very well used.

From most accounts, fishers had great success even though there was a wide range of watercraft using the lake near some of the popular fishing shoals. In just a few warm nights, the lake went from “a little too chilly” to “warm enough” for swimming and the temperature continues to rise with this lovely summer weather.

Be prepared

Operating permit, safety equipment, licences and alcohol seemed to be priority items for the conservation officer who toured around Lac des Roches and checked boaters on July 7.

Several infractions were reported; however, they were mostly as a result of poor memories as opposed to intentional disregard of the law. A boater’s operator permit and driver’s licence may be safe, tucked away at the cabin, but its absence from the boat will – at the very least – warrant a warning ticket to the operator.

Visits from both conservation officers and RCMP members can be expected throughout the summer at all British Columbia lakes.

Troublesome trees

Regardless of how it came to be librated, the huge spruce tree floating in the middle of Lac des Roches on the July long weekend has been relocated to its final resting place.

Our safety-conscious neighbour used his big boat, latched onto the travelling timber and towed it to Snag Bay. There, alongside dozens of other displaced deadfalls, it will provide a new feeding ground for rainbow trout and roosts for waterfowl and birds.

Leaf miners

Finally, the aspen trees around the lake seem to be getting a reprieve from the leaf miner that has been plaguing the area for the last few years.

Although there is evidence the little critters have been burrowing in the aspen leaves, there are fewer of them and the damage is minimal. With dark green, healthy looking aspen covering the slopes, we may finally enjoy some brilliant autumn colours this coming fall.

Wildlife watching

Bucks, does and fawns are regularly seen around the lake.

The fox and several badgers are moving through the yards along Boultbee Road. Bear sightings had slowed down, but fresh bear scat near the east end of McCarthy Road indicates a bear is nearby.

Up to three bald eagles at a time have been observed watching the lake from the tree tops on Carlos’ point and this probably explains why there has been a decrease in the number of waterfowl chicks swimming in the quiet bays nearby.