No one going for Canim Lake hero saves damsel story

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Tim and Maureen Wasilieff admired the new curling 'stones' made by Ross Bennet for the Hawkins Lake Pine Beetle Bonspeedle

Tim and Maureen Wasilieff admired the new curling 'stones' made by Ross Bennet for the Hawkins Lake Pine Beetle Bonspeedle

Dear Canimites,

In the midst of steady snows, and some rain, the New Year clocked in on a clear starry night with mild temperatures.

Folks at Hawkins Lake celebrated with fireworks, while some Canimites enjoyed bonfires and the company of neighbours. People pointed out the three stars of Orion’s belt, and to the right of them, the solitary red star, angry glowing eye of Taurus the Bull. The brilliant object above and to the left of Orion is Jupiter, currently brighter than any star.


Mahood Lake news

The folks out Mahood way have received heavy snows, especially between Red Creek and Mahood Lake.

The plow truck has had difficulty pushing it all back, and as the snow banks encroach on their road and it narrows, driving has become much more interesting. They’re hoping the grader shows up soon.

To add a bit of spice to it all, logs are coming out of the Bowers Lake from 8000 Road onto the South Canim Road.

The Mahood Falls Community Society has set the annual Snow Picnic for Feb. 14 at the park.


Hawkins Lake news

The annual Pine Beetle Bonspeedle went off in grand style on New Year’s Day, the ice being in good form, and a large crowd making up the two teams.

The old beetle-killed pine rocks were retired this year, replaced by the new Mark II ‘stones’ made by Ross Bennet – laminated Cariboo pine, birch and fir with a bit of maple thrown in for luck, lathe-turned to regulation dimensions.

He made 21 of them, which his wife, Donna, finished beautifully – 10 reds, 10 yellows and one spare.

At half time and after the game, the crowd gathered at the fire and the outdoor wood stove at Ross and Donna’s place to sample the goodies that everyone contributed.

Ross Bacon has donated a set of chains for the front wheels of the big yellow fire truck. Fire chief Bob Campbell says these have been installed to improve steering control and braking, making operation of the truck much safer this winter.


Firefighting news

Don Hewitt of Hall #2 and Matt Wiesendahl of Hall #1 have been promoted to captains, and Aron Zablotny and Michael Gent appointed lieutenants.

A lot of extra training goes into preparing for these command positions. We owe these men a debt of thanks for the responsibility they have voluntarily shouldered for our community.

New first responders are being sought. If you are interested in taking some training in medical first response, contact Sheila Hart at 250-397-2645 or Margo Wagner at 250-397-0016 for more information. First Responders always act as a team of at least two.

Sheila says no one needs to be afraid they will be asked to do anything they are not comfortable with.


Bits and Bites

Gordon Kellett is now assisting Hisako Arai with the Speech Arts program at the Forest Grove School. They have 4 students preparing for the Festival of the Arts.

Lynne Baker reports a varied thrush and a waxwing at her home on Canim Lake. The lake is clear of ice from Hinterland eastwards.

Fifty or more mallards are still dabbling the shoals of Sandpoint, accompanied by a boisterous mob of bufflehead and common goldeneye.

People have been asking about my bandaged hand. At first, I was telling them the “incautious old guy falls” story, but as that grew tedious, I switched to the “punched an attacking cougar in the mouth” story, then later the “lifted an overturned snow machine off a trapped damsel” story.

Next time I’ll go right to the cougar. No one believed the damsel thing.

Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.