Mural society knocking on doors

Ruth Peterson says it has always been a struggle to raise money for the murals

Raising funds to create new murals has never been an easy task for 100 Mile House Mural Society members.

Despite the adversity, this hard-working group of volunteers has facilitated the instalment of several large-scale paintings, which depict the history of the South Cariboo, all over 100 Mile House.

Society member Ruth Peterson says a mural can cost several thousand dollars to complete, depending on its size. The cash comes from different sources, including the family or group that requests it and from society fundraising.

Peterson says it has always been a struggle to raise money for the murals and society members feel like they’ve dried up their resources.

Recently, she made a presentation to the South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce members, hoping to get their support.

“It feels like we’re missing something with the business community — like there’s no connection.”

While the society has had some support from the business sector, Peterson says they dispersed 60 packages within that community in 2010, asking for donations and got very little response.

Noting the murals benefit local businesses, she adds that in early May, a busload of people in the community for the North Central Local Government Association convention took in a mural tour and the society also received a request for 1,000 brochures.

“I know businesses are always being asked for donations and feel they are already committed to supporting other organizations. I’d just like them to include new ones.”

Currently, the society is working on a mural, which depicts Canim Falls. Approximately $3,000 has been raised to fund it, but they need another $3,000 to cover remaining costs. Noting that if every chamber member donated just $20, Peterson says the mural expenses would be taken care of.

“I believe that businesses get a return on the murals. I hope they get a better awareness of how much they benefit and how much they will benefit in the future.”

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to the 100 Mile House Mural Society can send a cheque to 6221 Aalton Rd., 100 Mile House, B.C., V0K 2E3. For more information, contact Peterson at 250-395-4881.