Merry Christmas to everyone who lives in Lone Butte and area

Community news happening in the Horse Lake and Lone Butte area

The kindergarten/Grade 1 class sang several songs to close the Christmas concert at the Horse Lake Elementary School on Dec. 19.

The kindergarten/Grade 1 class sang several songs to close the Christmas concert at the Horse Lake Elementary School on Dec. 19.

I hope this last article for 2013 finds all “Lone Butte-ers” and their families thankful for the happenings of 2013 and filled with optimism looking into 2014.


Christmas concert

The Grinch couldn’t steal the Christmas spirit from Horse Lake Elementary School students, as they put on their annual concert performance for friends and parents on Dec. 19.

While the mice were looking for the magic of Christmas, we heard a modern rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas, which included X-Box 1’s, HD TV’s, Canuck’s tickets and talking Furbys. We did a little Boogie-woogie Choo Chooing, and laughed at the antics students came up with in a song about the week before Christmas which mentioned various teachers.

The handbell choir played a couple of numbers and so did band members. Everyone was quite entertained with the efforts of students and teachers – good job!


School is out

The kids are out enjoying the break from math problems and history lessons.

Take care watching for these young ones as they head out to play in the snow to enjoy the winter wonderland that we have. They will be back to school in the new year on Jan. 6.


Start Up for Stitching

The Other Unusual Talents gals are looking forward to the next year of gatherings and will start up on Jan. 7 with a swap meet of craft and sewing supplies and knowledge, followed by a quilting for cancer session on Jan. 21.

If this is a group you have looked at and wondered about, wonder no more and come out for a new year of fun with the girls. Give Pat McKay a call at 250-395-2114 to find out more.


McNally will be missed

The Lone Butte Fire Department will miss the longtime member Gerry McNally who has officially handed in his resignation and retirement from the department.

It is a huge loss, as Gerry has been a great mentor, coach and stand-up citizen since first joining on Aug. 23, 1999. His wisdom and leadership qualities have benefited everyone in the department and the community since the day he signed up.

Gerry has taken roles of captain, lieutenant, firefighter, driving instructor and others over the years. Captain Jon Grieve and all members wish Gerry the very best in the future and will truly miss him.


Whirlwind year

I think it would be safe to say 2013 has definitely been a whirlwind year for me; however, I was able to make a lot of great memories with family and friends along the way.

In the midst of all my wild and crazy excursions this year, I have attempted to keep you, the readers, informed on what is happening here in Lone Butte. I thank everyone for your support this past year and your forgiveness and understanding when I have messed things up, or missed them altogether.

I want to let you know I truly appreciate the input I receive from you that enables me to put things together here on a bi-weekly basis. I can’t do it without you and I sincerely thank you all.

I wish you and yours all the best this Christmas season and for the new year!