Low down on Canim Lake and area high school graduates

Smokin’ hot weather launched us into high summer at light speed, driving many into the lake for their first swim



Dear Canimites,

Smokin’ hot weather launched us into high summer at light speed, driving many into the lake for their first swim.

Hardier souls, such as Doug McGregor, have been splashing about since the first weekend of June. Raspberries are ripening now, and praise be – the grass is not growing quite so fast.

Canim Lake graduates

This year’s grads are getting used to a new life without studies, at least temporarily.

Liam Haretzmuller, son of Rob and Michelle, plans to work a year to finance future studies in music. Watch for this talented guitarist who plays at music festivals often as part of a Forest Grove band.

Todd Saenger, son of Fred and Gail, plans on continuing his employment at Save-On Foods, a business he finds very interesting.

The Zemanek twins, Debrah and Andrea, daughters of Linda Browne and Gernod, have completed their third year at Queen’s University in Kingston. They are both working the summer with the BC Wildfire Service in Lillooet, assigned to initial attack crews. These three-person units are the first responders after the report of a wildfire.

Debrah says they are looking forward to their role as co-presidents of the Queens Outdoor Club next academic year, particularly the traditional Thanksgiving trek into the White Mountains of Vermont. Apparently, it’s a tradition that includes a feast of packed-in turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie (sort of). Where do I sign up?

Loons and woodpeckers

The loons on Hawkins Lake have been busy raising two hungry young.

Wayne Traill described the scene: “… One parent and one young were sleeping. The other parent was feeding the other young. The little guy would be fed a fish every two-three minutes, including one that was about three inches. After seven or eight fish, he headed towards the sleeping parent, looking stuffed.” Sleepy too I’ll bet.

At his Canim lakeside home, Henry Venema had a close-in sighting of a red-headed woodpecker – very rare in these parts.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.