Looking Ahead

Food security and sustainable food systems to be discussed

By Robert Nichol

Experts in local food-production techniques, food-security issues and community organizing will be sharing their knowledge at a one-day conference, called Looking Ahead, at Martin Exeter Hall in 100 Mile House on June 15 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A lunch, made from locally grown organic produce and foodstuffs, lovingly prepared by volunteers, is included in the ticket price of $25.

The conference will be conducted under the auspices of C.E.E.D.S. (The Community Enhancement and Economic Development Society.) All proceeds will go to Loves & Fishes Outreach and the 100 Mile House & District Women’s Centre Food Cupboard.

The conference brings the issue of food security to the forefront in the 100 Mile House and the South Cariboo in the face of a growing public concern.

Food sovereignty is now a major grassroots movement taking hold around the world to bring to the public an awareness of local empowerment and self-sufficiency in terms of food security, given the admonition of food shortages now predicted.

With so much to gain, we believe a one-day conference held locally, will benefit all those now concerned with community sustainability and food security issues.

To this extent, those who would welcome such an endeavour would be able to participate in the sharing of ideas, maintaining local food systems and keeping people aware of a community development process in their areas.

This initiative will also unlock potentials and be a solid benefit to the community in terms of capacity building and to bring greater understanding of the issues and problems involved in creating sustainable-food systems.

The calibre of expertise and leadership experience of the presenters brought to 100 Mile House from Williams Lake to Clinton and across the province can also open up new opportunities for local food groups to form strategic alliances with other organizations.

This conference is a template for future similar one-day events to be held across the province. The presentation will be put on video to be used on websites and transferable via a DVD to other areas.

The level of response so far, has been very enthusiastic and we expect a very successful outcome.

Any assistance you may offer will make it all the more successful and help maximize the benefits it offers the community and all those involved.