The Lone Butte 4-H Club show off their tye-dyed shirts after making their speeches earlier this Spring. (Photo submitted)

The Lone Butte 4-H Club show off their tye-dyed shirts after making their speeches earlier this Spring. (Photo submitted)

Lone Butte 4-H Club in full swing

The Lone Butte 4-H Club’s community update

The Lone Butte 4H club has been busy with many activities since the New Year. With most COVID-19 restrictions lifted, the group can attend more educational functions that the members are enjoying.

Elections were held and we have some new members join the executive this year. These included Hannah Meier as president and safety officer, Infinity Bob as vice-president, Miranda Sanford as secretary, Kelly Meier as treasurer, and Rivianna Bob as club reporter.

The members have completed their speeches and we had two members from the Lone Butte Club who moved on to the District Level and competed. Rivianna and Mason Grabowiecki bravely challenged the 11 other groups and represented the junior division. The three members that placed high were Hannah, Rivianna and Mason.

We’re really proud of our group to step up to the challenge as it is difficult to speak on a stage in front of your peers. After their speeches, the members enjoyed tie-dying t-shirts as an activity. They also got to chat with the judges during lunch. The judges were wonderful and offered great feedback to all the participants.

The gardening members recently enjoyed an informative tour at Horse Lake Nursery where they got to see all the massive greenhouses and plant a flower basket themselves. The plants are growing well and the members have started their own seedlings for their flower baskets. They will be ready for judging on Achievement Day in July.

Our members have chosen sheep, horse, gardening, swine, and dog projects to work on this year. Within our membership, we have two Cloverbuds, the program offered to the youngest 4-H participants, and they get to learn a little bit about everything.

We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations of bottles to our recycling program. As many of you are aware we have a bin set up at the Lone Butte Hall. (Some people have mistakenly used it for garbage… grrrrrr). Members each take a turn to sort the bottles and return them to the depot. We appreciate your donations, which help fund the great programs we offer.

Another fundraiser to make you aware of is the one run through 4H BC Gator Lottery 2022 and it is a raffle draw. Tickets can be purchased online, and a portion of the funds are returned to the club. The draw date is June 25 at 1 p.m. Tickets are only $10 for a single ticket and besides the John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle, there are many other amazing prizes.

This is Rivianna signing off. I hope to see you all out for Lone Butte Rocks where our club will be set up with some fun events.

And just a little information for the dedicated readers. Can you dehorn a goat? How do you do it you ask? Well, you carefully hold their head and press the hot iron on their horn bud, but not too long. It only takes about 5 seconds. Interesting little fact!

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Rivianna Bob at speeches (Submitted photo).

Rivianna Bob at speeches (Submitted photo).