Little Britches Rodeo competitors hail from Clinton

Clinton area is a hotbed for up-and-coming rodeo competitors

Integris Insurance Employee Melanie Painter served popcorn during the company’s community barbecue June 13.

Integris Insurance Employee Melanie Painter served popcorn during the company’s community barbecue June 13.

Seven Local competitors have been competing in British Columbia Little Britches Rodeo Association-sanctioned rodeos all over the province.

Bacardi Zimmerlee, Kailey Dube, Hailey Ambler, Wyatt McCullough, Tayler McCullough, Colby McCullough and Kraig Loring are all contestants from the Clinton area who compete in the association.

Most recently these rodeo cowboys and cowgirls, who vary in age from age five to 13 years, competed at Princeton Rodeo.

Bacardi placed first in the Barrel Racing both days; first in the Breakaway Roping and second in the Goat Tying on Saturday and third in the Goat Tying on Sunday. At the recent rodeo in Langley, Bacardi was the All Around Cowgirl both days.

Wyatt placed sixth in the Stake Race on Saturday and fifth on Sunday, and sixth in the Goat Tail Tying on Sunday.

Colby also took up dummy roping for the first time at Princeton Little Britches Rodeo.

Tayler was fourth in the Sr. Barrel Racing Saturday and Sunday. She placed fourth in Sr. Pole Bending on Sunday.

Hailey competed in the Jr. girls goat tail tying, barrel racing and pole bending and won a prize for fourth in the Pole Bending on Sunday. This was her first Little Britches Rodeo.

Kailey and Kraig did not attend Princeton, but Kailey also competes in the barrel racing and pole bending and Kraig competes in the Steer Riding and Chute Dogging.

Some of these contestants also travel down the rodeo trail to BCRA rodeos all summer long.


Community garden

The community garden is now available in Clinton. If you would like to plant a box, contact a member of the Communities in Bloom Committee.

Remember the Communities in Bloom (CiB) judges will be in Clinton on July 18-19. Judging will be done on July 19. There will be a barbecue at the Reg Conn Park on July 18, and it is being hosted by the CiB committee to welcome the judges to town.


A lot of use

The Clinton Rodeo grounds are being used a fair amount this summer, and the Clinton Agricultural Association (CAA) likes to see its grounds used on a regular basis.

In June, three barrel races were held at the grounds

The Clinton 4H Club will hold its cow camp at the rodeo grounds on July 22, and host its Achievement Day on Aug. 12.

The rodeo grounds are also rented out for private events. The CAA hopes to host one or two fun days during the summer months.

There will not be a Little Britches Rodeo in Clinton this year. Hopefully, the CAA will begin planning early in the new year.

The public is reminded the Clinton Rodeo Grounds is private property. If you are stopping by the grounds and walking your dog, please pick up after them.

Riders using the grounds are reminded to join the CAA, and to ride at your own risk. Signs are normally posted at the grounds when there is an event going on, but as the grounds are rented to private individuals for events, such as family reunions, if the grounds are in use by a private party please respect their privacy.


Community barbecue

Integris Credit Union held a successful community barbecue on June 13, as hotdogs were served to more 120 community members.

Employees of Integris Credit Union and Integris Insurance served lunch to those who attended. The barbecue was held in the spirit of the 2012 International Year of the Co-Operatives.