Literacy learner writes about experiences

Jim Beck's experience is that learning to read can open many doors

Jim Beck has opened a whole new world with the help of his tutor Mary Packham.

Jim Beck has opened a whole new world with the help of his tutor Mary Packham.

By Jim Beck

Hi my name is Jim. I’m a learner.

Let me try to open a door that you’ve been afraid to open.

I came to the Partner Assisted Learning (PAL) tutoring program to learn how to read, to pronounce my words properly, and to spell correctly.

Tutoring has helped me a lot at work to look closer at what I do… I used to hurry through reading; now I try to sound it out.

It’s been proven to me time and time again, if you can’t read, it makes it hard to survive. If you can’t read, you can’t do anything. If you want your driver’s licence, you’ve got to be able to read the book and read signs and maps. It all works within reading.

When I was young, I shut myself off from learning. Then I learned I had a reading problem. I had to learn how to face it. It’s still scary sometimes, especially the reading. It really bothers me.

People don’t want others to know that they can’t read or write, or do math. They are secretive. They are afraid that others will look down on them, so it’s good to know that everything you talk about with your tutor will be confidential.

Give the tutor an idea of what you want to learn and what you are looking for. A warm, caring tutor opens up a whole new doorway and helps you learn, especially when you are scared.

The tutor will help you try to find another way to learn. The sky is the limit!

If you would like to meet with one of the tutors or learners, it can be arranged for you.

Call Mary Packham (my tutor) at PAL at 250 395-0404 for more information.