Lakers Car Club comes to Pam Food Services in Lac La Hache May 28. (Photo submitted by Bev Fry).

Lakers Car Club comes to Pam Food Services in Lac La Hache May 28. (Photo submitted by Bev Fry).

Lakers Car Club takes a spin to Lac La Hache

Barbara Hansen: Lac La Hache

Excited, happy and relieved is how I am feeling since the good news was released on May 25. A start to get back to our normal living or as close to it as we can. Who would have thought this pandemic would have lasted as long as it did?

For the Community Club this means that we can get back to work – tentative plans are in place to host the South Cariboo Garlic Festival on Sept. 18 and 19 and bingo will also be firing up in September. I definitely am looking forward to seeing my friends again!

Some work has been done to our roads and I am pleased to report that we had some pretty smooth rides but now that we have had some rain, there are signs of the potholes reappearing. The road into the garbage dump has also been repaired although I am thinking the contractor could have done a better job at the entrance, but that is my opinion only.

Business has been very brisk at the Thrift Store, seems like the items barely hit the shelves before they are gone! Donations keep pouring in, to the point where Judy has asked for a bit of a break so that the volunteers can catch up. Hours of operation are Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Skookum Scoops has reopened on time as forecasted on May 14 and I was one of the first ones there to try out one of the yummy flavours of which there are quite a few to choose from. For the time being hours of operation are Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 p.m.-5 p.m.

The lot next door to the Community Hall was sold and we all held our breaths watching as the lot was cleaned up and wondering what on earth was going to happen there. So far it has been a bit disappointing as it appears to be a holding area for old junk vehicles – not something we would have chosen for the main strip of our little town. Here’s hoping it is only a temporary thing!

Pam King of Pam’s Food Services has finally set her hours of operation – Wednesday to Sunday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. instead of working flat out seven days per week. New items are steadily being added to the growing menu and all kinds of goodies are found in the coolers. The girls there are very conscientious in posting the daily specials and have come up with an incredible and innovative idea for a fundraiser. As Friday night is a very busy day – being fish and chip day (everyone’s favourite) – for every order going out the door on Friday, $1.00 is set aside for the Christmas Hamper campaign for the Ladies Auxiliary of the Lac La Hache Volunteer Fire Department.

Thumbs up to these gals – just for the month of May $193 has been raised thus far, this fundraiser will run through to November.

Friday, May 28 was a special day for visitors. The Lakers Car Club came for a drive from Williams Lake. The Club managed just fine with lawn chairs as there are no picnic tables set up yet for outside dining,

The students from the Elementary School have enjoyed many days of outdoor learning this May. They have planted trees, transplanted seedlings, prepared garden beds, composted, rode bikes and enjoyed outdoor Zumba with Gale Ogden.

It was also an exciting time when the Chilcotin Conservation Society supplied the school with three composters. Special thanks to Oliver Berger and to Jesse from the Cariboo Regional District for delivering and setting up the composters. The Cariboo Chilcotin Conservation Society also helped rebuild/redo the garden beds to one big garden. Many thanks to Mary Forbes, Oliver Berger, Carmen, Kayla, Emma and all the students who worked all afternoon on this project – it looks awesome. Thanks for the great job!

Students can look forward to a few fun things scheduled for the last few weeks of school – field trip to Lake of the Trees, year-end Wild School Celebration and the usual year-end fun day. June 24 is the last day for the students. We say goodbye to Kristy Davis, our current principal and welcome the newly appointed principal Shawn Nelson.

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