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Jim Kupo’s Magic touch was said to keep the patrons of Big Country Lanes content 33 years ago.

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4YEARS AGO (2016) British Columbia Teacher’s Federation president Glen Hansman called a Supreme Court of Canada decision a “massive victory” for the union that would ensure the B.C . government would have to respect bargaining rights and collective agreements. Murray Helmer, president of the Cariboo Chilcotin Teacher’s Association was more subdued, pointing out the unconstitutional legislation that had been overturned had been in place since 2002, leading to underfunding of the school system that caused “an entire generation to miss out.”

8YEARS AGO (2012) Two shiny bridges were lowered into the Bridge Creek waterfall trails by helicopter. The sight of the aluminum bridges dangling at the end of a 150-foot-long cable was described as a “sight to behold” by reporters. The District of 100 Mile House’s operation supervisor Kevin Dicken said the operation went “far smoother” than expected thanks to the work of his team and Sarvair Helicopters. The bridges were 40 and 50 feet long and weighed 1,500 and 1,900 pounds respectively. “It’s a relief to get them in and I’m happy they are here,” Dicken said.

16YEARS AGO (2004) Abattoir operators and meat producers alike were concerned that new provincial meat inspection regulations would prove unhealthy for both animals and the economy. The new regulation came into effect on Sept 1, 2004, requiring mandatory inspection of all animals raised for the sale of meat before and after their slaughter. The goal was to make B.C. beef more consistent and boost the confidence of consumers but many were concerned the move incentivized large scale centralized processing facilities rather than small-time independent regional operations

32 YEARS AGO (1988) Jim Kupo’s Magic touch was said to keep the patrons of Big Country Lanes content. As owner and manager, Kupo saw about 40 people a day use the lanes and he had become a magician at fixing technical problems that might arise. While the cause of the issue may not have always been apparent, he’d figure it out. In addition to bowling, house activities included a pool tournament taking place twice a week, attracting local youth to play pool and arcade games. “I won’t be a millionaire but it pays the bills,” Kupo said.

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