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In 2007, a pair of teenage boys nearly died of an overdose

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20YEARS AGO (2002): The chance to build the proposed South Cariboo Recreation Complex saw seven bids submitted to the Cariboo Regional District. None of them, however, were from 100 Mile House businesses. Janis Bell, the CRD’s supervisor of services, said the cost estimates ranged from $4.3-million to $5.3-million while the centre’s total budget was set at $4.5-million. The company with the lowest bid, Kelowna’s Spring Valley Ventures Ltd., had built the 100 Mile health facility in 2000 and was in the midst of renovating Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School.

15 YEARS AGO (2007): A pair of teenage boys nearly died of an overdose in 100 Mile House after experimenting with some heavy-duty prescription pills. Discovered unconscious, the two were rushed to 100 Mile District General Hospital before being flown to the Vancouver Children’s Hospital to get their stomachs pumped. One of the boys, a student at 100 Mile Junior Secondary School, admitted after the incident that “it was a dumb thing to do.” Local schools later invited the police officers and cast of Through a Blue Lens to talk to the youth.

10 YEARS AGO (2012): When it was announced pennies were being phased out, 108 Mile resident Jamies Hughes decided to start the 100 Mile Penny Drive. The idea was to collect everyone’s spare change in a single place and donate the proceeds to one of five charities, with each donor getting a vote on where the money would go. The groups included the SPCA’s Mixed-Up Mutts, 100 Mile and District Women’s Centre Society, 100 Mile and District General Hospital and Auxiliary, KidsSport and the 100 Mile Water Park group.

5 YEARS AGO (2017): 100 Mile House RCMP responded to a road rage incident involving an axe. Two male drivers travelling along Highway 97 had become involved in a dispute due to instances of tailgating. One of the drivers gestured for the other to pull over to settle the dispute physically. As they pulled over, one of the drivers produced an axe causing the other to leave and call the police. The axe-wielding driver was later arrested but released after neither driver decided to press charges. The axe was seized by the RCMP.

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