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In 1981, a bolt of lightning flash-fried John Schick’s chickens on his Horse Lake property

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40 YEARS AGO (1981): A bolt of lightning flash-fried John Schick’s chickens on his Horse Lake property. The chickens had been sheltering under a 100-foot tall Douglas fir when a bolt of lightning hit the tree in the middle, electrocuting the eight birds and shattering the fir. Debris from the tree took out several pieces of fence, smashed a small greenhouse and damaged the roof of one of Schick’s trucks, the force of the blast driving some pieces of wood two feet into the ground. He estimated the total damage at $1,000.

20 YEARS AGO (2001): A 103 Mile resident was taking the first step to turn his golf skills into a career. Jeff Harris, then 20, entered the professional league of golf when he came second out of 78 players during a two-day Play Ability test in Kelowna. Harris was allowed to swing no more than 154 times over the two rounds of golf and ended up swinging only 144 times, which put him on the path to become a Head Pro and give golf lessons professionally. He said he was one of the youngest golfers on the greens and had to pay an entry fee of $1,500.

10 YEARS AGO (2011): A Forest Grove Family came together to bring home a golden frying pan and $1,000 from the Food Network’s Family Cook-Off. Marnie Jensen and her daughters Laura, Emma and Tahsis showed off their culinary talents while facing a family from Edmonton in the competition, taped on Aug. 31. Marnie said that the contest was exciting but a bit of a blur for her. Their winning meal consisted of macaroni and cheese, schnitzel with fried apples, a spinach and strawberry salad, and a dessert of phyllo purses with mascarpone cheese and raspberries.

5 YEARS AGO (2016): The fourth annual Doggie Fashion show at Andre’s Electronic Experts was a success. Organizer Chelsea Cole said the event was a ton of fun and they raised $279 for the BC SPCA and $84.15 for Whisker Kisses Pet Food Bank. Attendance was up from five dogs dressed in suits and dresses last year to 10 this year. There was also a good turnout of spectators. First place went to Amanda Usher and her dog Jaxxon, dressed up as a T-Rex.

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