Horse Lake Elementary Schools hoopsters preparing for tournaments

Student reporter gives details on what is new at Horse Lake Elementary School

Karisma Hopson

Karisma Hopson

Hi again! My name is Alaynah and every month I will be writing an article for my school, Horse Lake Elementary School. Let’s get started!

Our grades 5, 6 and 7 students have been practising their basketball skills during, well, basketball practice, obviously. The girl’s team will be testing their skills at 100 Mile House Elementary School against none other than the 100 Mile girl’s team, for an exhibition game. Kyra Hopson, our awesome coach, will be attending to cheer on our team.

The Grade 7 boy’s basketball team, coached by Mike Davidson and Margaret Ramsay, will be attending a tournament at Mile 108 Elementary School against 100 Mile House and Mile 108 Elementary schools.

The grade 5/6 girl’s and boy’s tournaments will be on Feb. 26. The grade 7 tournaments will be Feb. 27.

This week at Horse Lake is Literacy Week! Students have participated in designing doors as their favourite book covers. Also, every day has a new exciting theme.

And to top it all off, our principal Marty McClusky, ends every day with a fun riddle. Literacy Week started Jan. 27 and will end on Jan. 31.

Also happening in our school is our recycling program. Teachers have been encouraging the students to recycle their scrap paper, cans, juice box containers, and yogurt containers.

Teacher Sheena Stenerson started the recycling program and says she believes that if students keep this up, we will have a cleaner environment for our future.

Alaynha Buurmeester is a Grade 7 student at Horse Lake Elementary School.