Hockey day coming up at Lac la Hache arena

Hockey day coming up at Lac la Hache arena

Barbara Hansen’s correspondence for the Lac la Hache area

Whoever would have thought that we would have such lovely sunny weather pretty well right to the end of November?

Usually by this time our world is quite white and snowy! It is getting colder though so bundle up.

Remembrance Day

There was a Remembrance Day service at the Pioneer Cemetery that approximately 80 people attended, approximately double the attendance from last year.

Many thanks to Gale and Percy Ogden who hosted this service and to the many people who attended and participated in the service.


The arena has also been very busy with the different hockey tournaments, various practices, scheduled events and outside fundraisers. We all are very thankful that all of last year’s fundraising has put us in a position where we are able to function much more easily without all the financial worrying.

The next scheduled fundraiser is on Dec. l. Come on out that weekend and take in some of the action. There will also be a fun day of hockey at the arena on Dec. 1 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

It’s $20 to play all day and the money goes directly to the arena.

For more information, call 250-706-9500.


Traffic on Timothy Lake Road was much heavier last week with the grand opening of the ski hill (just the lodge so far), congratulations to the new owners for the terrific response and attendance by the public.

It is very obvious that people have been anxiously waiting or the ski hill to reopen. I have viewed photos showing that there was snow up there, I was very surprised as there is none on the lower levels!


The crib tournament held at the Pioneer Center was also well attended despite all the other activities going on in the area.

The slight increase in the registration fee was well received, the only impact felt was that the cash prizes were higher to the winners.


The Christmas Hamper Campaign has started – many of the decorated boxes are visible in the community.

The closing date to contribute to the boxes will be the second weekend in December and the last date to nominate someone for a Christmas hamper will be Friday, Dec. 6. Call 250-396-4112 to do that.


The Christmas Turkey Bingo is scheduled for Dec. 11 and that will be the last day to place items in the box located at the Community Hall.

We always have a super great time at the Christmas bingo so come on out and join us – great prizes, door prizes, free box of chocolates for attending!

This will be the last bingo in 2019 and then our holidays begin and normal play will resume on Jan. 22.

It is always a guessing game for me – will most of the bad driving weather be over by then?


There is a Coffeehouse Session scheduled for Dec. 6, Bruce Wilcox invites all to come and enjoy the local musical talent that will be there that night.

The doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event starts at 7. There will be ample time to mingle with the crowd, enjoy a coffee and perhaps some of the goodies provided. Any optional donations received at this event will be for the Lac la Hache Volunteer Fire Department and their Christmas Hamper Campaign.


I know I am too old to write to Santa but I do have one thing I would love to ask for and I promise to share with all my neighbours on Spout Lake Road. May we please have some loads of gravel to fill the potholes – some of them have gotten so large they can be called craters!

I think it is past the time where the grader moves around the little bit of gravel around on the road, because the potholes come back time and time again and even larger than ever!