HIGHLAND 4-H CLUB: 65th annual Williams Lake and District 4-H Show and Sale

Cali BishopCali Bishop
Logan AllenbyLogan Allenby
Max SankeyMax Sankey
Rylee WrightRylee Wright
Sage WrightSage Wright
Samantha KermanSamantha Kerman
Sarah TinneySarah Tinney
Tel LyttonTel Lytton
Zoe RitchieZoe Ritchie
Colter BishopColter Bishop
Daizey SankeyDaizey Sankey
Denver LyttonDenver Lytton
Emily TinneyEmily Tinney
Gauge BishopGauge Bishop
Ila RitchieIla Ritchie
Laeken AllenbyLaeken Allenby
Lilyanna AllenbyLilyanna Allenby
The Highland 4-H Club. (Photo submitted)The Highland 4-H Club. (Photo submitted)
Logan Sankey.Logan Sankey.

As we head into August all of our members are busy preparing for the annual Show and Sale. This year the Highland 4-H Club was home to 18 members including cloverbuds, juniors and seniors. Altogether we have Beef, Cloverbud, Foods, Photo, Poultry, Sheep and Swine projects. During our fourth year running, our club members stayed very busy and participated in communications, judging rallies, Youth Action, fundraisers, achievement day and now Show and Sale. Each member has done a tremendous job with their projects and they have all grown in so many ways. We look forward to seeing everyone at the sale this year and we wish the best of luck to all the members.

Rae-Lynn Lytton

Laeken Allenby – Lot #35

My name is Laeken and I am nine years old. This is my second year in Cloverbud and we are doing unit 2. Next year I will be able to have my first project. My favourite animal is a lamb because it jumps in the air in a funny way. I love playing games, baseball and swimming. When I grow up, I want to be a farmer.

Lilyanna Allenby – Lot #36

Hi, my name is Lilyanna Allenby. This is my third year in 4-H. This year I am doing Market Lamb as a project for the first time. I am looking forward to attending Show and Sale. I am excited to be able to sell my project. My lamb, named Sewlow, enjoys running around the yard. We go for walks and he chases the quad while I drive it. My hobbies are sports, swimming, arts, cooking and baking.

Logan Allenby – Lot #37

My name is Logan and I am six years old. This is my first year in Cloverbud unit 2. My favourite animal is a goose. I enjoy the way it walks and talks. I love hot dogs, playing soccer and swimming. When I grow up I want to be a police officer.

Cali Bishop – Lot #38

Hi, my name is Cali Bishop. I am 10 years old. I am in Photography unit 1 and we have done a lot of fun field trips. I really like taking pictures of animals. I also play softball in the summer and we won gold in one of our tournaments. In the winter, I figure skate. I’m in StarSkate Level 2 and I am excited and a little nervous to enter competitions this year.

Colter Bishop – Lot #39

Hi! My name is Colter Bishop and I am six years old. This is my first year in Cloverbud. I really like the field trips, games and toys we get to play with. I want to do Small Engines when I’m bigger. I also really like to play softball, soccer, basketball and hockey.

Gauge Bishop – Lot #40

Hi, my name is Gauge Bishop and I’m 13 years old. This is my seventh year in 4-H and this year I am doing Swine, yet again. This year my swine breed is a pure-bred Lacombe. This year at Show and Sale, I hope to place well in market because I normally never do. My favourite hobbies are basketball, music, hanging out with friends, playing video games and rugby. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Samantha Kerman – Lot #41

Hi, I am Samantha Kerman. I am 12 years old. This is my second year in 4-H. My project this year is Photography. I enjoy 4-H and have learned so much! I really enjoyed doing Rabbit last year as my project, however challenging myself this year with Photography has been rewarding. I look forward to changing it up again next year and trying out a new project.

Denver Lytton – Lot #42

Wow, what a great first year in Beef this has been! I’m Denver Lytton and I have had a blast raising my steer Tater-Chip alongside my fellow 4-H members in the Highland Club. When I am not doing 4-H activities I spend my time in the rodeo arena, at the lake and hanging out with my friends. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the sale this year.

Tel Lytton – Lot #43

Ahhh 4-H! I’m Tel Lytton and my project this year is Beef. My steer’s name is Gambler, just like the guy that hangs out at the Casino. I have been really focused on building a structural beef with a great finish. I have been working on making sure he has well-groomed hair, just like mine. Hope to see you all at the 4-H Show and Sale.

Ila Ritchie – Lot #44

Hi! My name is Ila Ritchie and I am eight years old. This is my second year with the Highland 4-H Club as a Cloverbud. This year my favourite project we learned about was Rabbit. I am really looking forward to raising a lamb when I am a junior!

Zoe Ritchie – Lot #45

Hi! My name is Zoe Ritchie and I am six years old. This is my first year as a Cloverbud with Highland 4-H. This is me with my barred rock named Lucy. My favourite part of 4-H is learning about all the different projects, especially Dairy this year. 4-H is great!

Daizey Sankey – Lot #46

Hi, my name is Daizey Sankey and I am 16 years old. This is my fourth year in 4-H and third year doing Market Beef. This is also my first year doing a Cow/Calf project. My steer is a Red Angus Hereford named General. April is my Cow/Calf project and she has a heifer calf named Clover. My favourite part of 4-H is learning. I learned a lot from the Beef grooming/showing clinic our club did.

Logan Sankey – Lot #47

Hi, my name is Logan Rhea Sankey and I am seven years old. This is my second year in 4-H as a Cloverbud. This year we learned about lots of fun stuff like Farm Safety, Dairy Cows, Llamas, Small Engines, Crafts and Rabbits. My favourite part of 4-H is EVERYTHING but I liked when we learned about rabbits and then I talked my parents into letting me buy one!!

Max Sankey – Lot #48

My name is Max Sankey and I am 14 years old. This is my fourth year in 4-H and third year doing Market Steer. My steer’s name is Harrison and he is a Red Angus Hereford. I’ve had him since he was seven months old. I have enjoyed doing the activities like the fundraisers but really enjoyed doing the Beef Grooming and Showing Clinic our club did.

Emily Tinney – Lot #49

My name is Emily Tinney and this is my eighth year in 4-H. I am a senior member and the president of the Highland 4-H Club. This year I decided to do a Foods project and raise turkeys as my Poultry project. I have 20 turkeys and have been learning about foods from around the world. This will be my last year in the program and I am so thankful for the amazing lessons and experiences I have had.

Sarah Tinney – Lot #50

Hi, my name is Sarah Tinney and this is my ninth year in 4-H and my second as the club’s vice president. This year I am selling my market lamb at the sale. His name is Stan-Lee and he is a Suffolk Hampshire cross. He has good muscling and weight on him. Just like the program, Stan-Lee has taught me a lot. H wasn’t the easiest lamb in the beginning but I learned to have patience and be calm.

Rylee Wright – Lot #51

Hello! My name is Rylee Wright. I’m 15 years old and this is my second year in 4-H. I’m my club’s secretary and club reporter, and my projects are Poultry and Photography! This year I’ve raised 21 turkeys! My hobbies are spending time with my animals, and rodeoing with my horse Jade. Sometimes people ask me what my favourite kind of turkey is and the answer to that is cooked.

Sage Wright – Lot #52

My name is Sage Wright, I’m 12 years old and I’ve been in 4-H for two years. My projects are Photography and Poultry. I enjoy drawing and riding horses. In my spare time, I chase my goats around when they escape from their pen and take goofy pictures of my cat. As for my chickens, they enjoy staying up past their bedtime, letting themselves out in the morning and sharing their food with the crows.

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