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From the Free Press Archives

Health Inspector Doug Fogel recalls tangling with Lone Butte Hotel owner Tom Jones

From the Free Press archives

33 YEARS AGO (1990): Health Inspector Doug Fogel’s most famous case was his battle with the late Tom Jones, proprietor of the Lone Butte Hotel. It was around 1981 when Fogel acted on complaints from the public. The hotel was not known for its cleanliness but it was the malfunctioning sewage system that eventually got it shut down. Known for its rustic conditions out of a wild west movie, Fogel said it got to the point where Tom would sit back and tell customers to cook their own food.

25 YEARS AGO (1998): Coquitlam resident Chris Carpay won a skidoo in the 100 Mile House Special Needs Society’s annual fundraising raffle. Carpay bought the ticket when he was home in 100 Mile visiting his mom over the holidays. The raffle raised $10,000 for the society, $2,000 of which went towards maintenance and insurance of the society’s van with the balance put towards wheel-chair-accessible projects in Centennial Park.

17 YEARS AGO (2006): The Northern BC Winter Games joined with the 100 Mile Free Press to create a program offering a history of each event, and a list of participants and groups who contributed to the games. Darrel Warman, director of promotions, said the program would serve as a keepsake of the games plus offer information on the host community. The souvenir booklet was made available at no cost to all participants, dignitaries, officials, game supporters and community members.

9YEARS AGO (2014): 100 Mile House RCMP received a report on Jan. 4 of three overdue snowmobilers. The men were due back from Mica Mountain at 6 p.m. South Cariboo Search and Rescue were notified and mobilized for the search. Police attended the trailhead at Mica Mountain. Half an hour later the three snowmobilers arrived safely back at the parking lot. They had been stuck in deep snow during the afternoon in a remote area of the mountain. SAR personnel were notified and the search was called off.

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