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In 2003, a drive-by pornography display on Highway 97 left the RCMP shaking their heads.

36 YEARS AGO (1985): Canim Lake Band Chief Roy Christopher was hoping to revive the Cariboo Tribal Council to help promote housing projects, economic development, and educational programs on reserves. The previous CTC had folded 18 months before over philosophical differences between the Cariboo bands, which split off into multiple organizations. Christopher said reuniting under one banner would provide them a unified front when dealing with the federal government. Without the support of the Quesnel and Nazko bands, however, Christopher said there would be little point in reforming the CTC.

27 YEARS AGO (1994): Following public outcry and a review by BC Lands, the directors of Mount Timothy Ski Area chose to revert from a limited company back into a society. The directors had formed the company a year ago for greater flexibility in business decisions. Their new status, however, threatened their recreational lease as the government preferred to have a non-profit society running the hill. The conversion had also created a public outcry and increased interest in the hill, which the directors welcomed.

18 YEARS AGO (2003): A drive-by pornography display on Highway 97 left the RCMP shaking their heads. On June 15, Cpl. Rod Wiebe said police received a report of a Surrey man driving a Chevy Tahoe erratically down the highway. Whenever they’d pass another car, the occupants would press a pornographic magazine to the windows. “I’ve never seen that before,” Wiebe said. “That’s one for the books.” 100 Mile House RCMP caught up with the vehicle near 130 Mile and decided to give the driver a warning, after confiscating the magazine.

9 YEARS AGO (2012): A horrific plane crash in 100 Mile House miraculously resulted in no fatalities or serious injury. On June 9, a Cessna 172 hit a downdraft shortly after takeoff from 100 Mile House Airport, clipping some power lines before passing over Highway 97 and crashing through the Blue Sky Restaurant sign and losing a wing. Thanks to the efforts of pilot John Baker and a good deal of luck, the plane inverted itself and crashed tail-first into the building behind Blue Sky missing several parked cars and onlookers. Baker and his two passengers, Greg Rector and Denise Britton, suffered only minor injuries.

100 Mile House