From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

From the archives of the 100 Mile Free Press

28 YEARS AGO (1991): When the front window of a local restaurant was smashed by teenagers partying in a rental unit above, co-owner Rob Babcock was furious. Despite the $400 repair fee, Babcock was more concerned about the lack of policing throughout the community late at night. Babcock said another tenant heard the incident occur around 3:30 a.m., called the police and there was no response. Babcock called the police for a second time at 8:30 a.m. and officers finally showed up around 11 a.m.

23 YEARS AGO (1996): Alcohol was a factor in a late-night head-on crash just north of 100 Mile House. The collision occurred on Highway 97 just below the Marmot Ridge golf course when a southbound 1993 Eagle Talon hatchback travelling in the northbound passing lane struck a 1989 Mercury four-door driving in the same lane. The driver of the Eagle failed a road-side screening test and was taken into the local RCMP detachment. Her blood-alcohol level was almost the legal limit.

19 YEARS AGO (2000): Motorists heading northbound outside of town would have noticed the new speed limit and zone changes. A new traffic light was installed at the Canim Hendrix Road and Highway 97 intersection. The previous speed limit of 70 km/h was raised to 90 km/h. Ministry tests showed that 85 per cent of drivers going between 100 Mile House and Lac la Hache were found to be travelling at or below 100 km/h and 15 per cent travelling over 100 km/h.

14 YEARS AGO (2005): Provincial legislature passed Bill 12, which would render any job action by teachers illegal. Despite the bill, teachers chose to partake in what they called a political protest against an unjust law. Labour Minister Mike de Jong said that teachers were setting a bad example for students and they were breaking the law, which could have resulted in fines or jail time. Classes were too large and it was making it difficult for teachers to get through to the students.

11 YEARS AGO (2008): 100 Mile House schools were under the microscope. It took quite some time to gather information, cost out options and form a long-term plan for the schools. “We know we need to look at what is happening in 100 Mile House with Peter Skene Ogden, the 100 Mile Junior and possibly rebuild the 100 Mile Elementary and we have schools in the surrounding areas that feed into the community,” said Diane Wright, superintendent of School District 27.

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