Family fun movie night a success

Community news happening around the Lac la Hache area

Emerson Hamilton (left) and Samara Masun were two of the kids enjoying the Lac la Hache movie and games night.

Emerson Hamilton (left) and Samara Masun were two of the kids enjoying the Lac la Hache movie and games night.

Father Winter has paid us another visit, just to remind us that he is still around. Thank goodness he did not visit long , just long enough to make life miserable for us all for a few days.

Coffeehouse success

Despite the snowy weather on Feb. 3, Bruce Wilcox reports that there was another excellent turnout for the coffeehouse meeting.

It was an evening of great music and a wonderful time was had by all. He also reports the generous donations totaling $200.00 have been passed on to the Loaves and Fishes.

Family Fun Movie night

Congratulations to the three organizers of the Family Fun Movie night on Feb. 13. Brittany Wasstrom, Elisha Logan and Julie Machado outdid themselves for sure! Tables were set up for the children to play their games, a great variety of toys available for the children to choose from and the favourite activity of the older children was the hockey game set up on the stage. The little girls flocked to the table that had the nail polish assortment available and smiling faces showed how pleased they all were!

Not everyday they get to play with that kind of stuff. Food was plentiful and many people seemed to enjoy the chilli in a bread bowl, the hot dogs and you can’t watch a movie without popcorn!

There were approximately 30-40 children of all ages at this event.

It was very nice to see the young parents of these children as well.

I sincerely hope that more fun events will be planned in the future. This was the first event of this kind and it really made an impression, lets keep encouraging those young parents to come back time and time again!

Volunteer Fire Department

The downtown LLH VFD meets each Wednesday night for their practices. Terry Murphy has retired from the Ministry of Highways and the Fire Department decided to celebrate with him and honoured him with a cake. He remains the fire chief.

Fundraiser coming

The next big event is the fundraiser for the arena to be held on Feb. 24 at the community hall. Come on out and enjoy the spaghetti dinner, the price is right and the raffle tickets have some really neat prizes.

Afternoon concert

The Pioneer Centre is having an afternoon concert on Sunday March 5 at 3 p.m.

This concert is with Saskia and Darrel; The Great Plains, they sing a great variety of music and perform throughout Canada and Western Europe regularly.

Tickets are $15.00 and are available by calling Frances at 250-396-4169 or Judy at 250-396-7298.