Ina Hart, owner of Skinsation Naturally, shown with some of her skincare line, South Cariboo Farmer's Market May 27 (Fiona Grisswell photo - 100 Mile Free Press)

Entrepreneur creates skincare line to combat allergies

Ina Hart still remembers the day her skin turned beet red after doing laundry

Ina Hart still remembers the day her skin turned beet red after doing laundry.

It was so bad she had to shower immediately and then rewash all the clothes in plain water.

Then her shampoo began giving her migraines.

“The chemicals that go into things are just horrific,” she said.

The situation forced Hart to test and change products constantly until she eventually create her own skincare line, launching Skinsation Naturally about six years ago.

The skincare line offers both scented and unscented lip balms, skin and hair care products, soy candles, and insect bite balm, all made with natural ingredients. Scents are provided by essential oils, although she acknowledges there are a few exceptions.

“Obviously, there isn’t an essential oil for Froot Loops,” she said referring to her line of children’s bubble bath, which also includes bubble gum and creamsicle scents.

The essential oils are added with a light hand as they can be overpowering if used to excess, she said. Solid products such as deodorants are 100 per cent natural, while liquids require the addition of a 0.5 per cent preservative to keep them from going bad. All products are registered or in the process of being registered with Health Canada.

The switch to skincare was a good fit for Hart, who has a background in accounting. Working with formulas comes naturally to her, she said.

“It’s not hard getting the percentages,” she said, adding the hardest part is learning “what will work well as a combination together.”

This requires hours of research into learning what the various oils do, and how well they combine and their absorption levels.

“It’s an ever-evolving process,” Hart said, noting she possesses an “incredibly powerful and highly sensitive sense of smell.

“I test everything against my ability of what it’s going to react to.”

Hart added she loves creating and has “total confidence in my products.”

Hart and Skinsation Naturally can be found at the South Cariboo Farmers Market each Friday unless it is raining. Her products are also at Crafters Corner in 100 Mile.