End Polio campaign a global initiative

Rotary Clubs work world-wide to help wipe out disease

The Rotary International End Polio campaign to eradicate that disease across the globe is important for the local club, too.

Rotary Club of 100 Mile House president Maureen Pinkney says a portion of the money it raises at Lobsterfest and at its weekly lunch meeting fees and donations goes to Rotary International for its polio eradication efforts.

“We put in a minimum of $1,000 a year.

“The statistics on polio are just unbelievable – on the costs and the effects on people.”

Rotary clubs have helped secure $9 billion for donor governments since 1988. It is estimated that polio eradication could save the world $40 to $50 billion by 2035.

More than two billion children have been immunized, decreasing polio by a whopping 99 per cent, but it costs $1 billion each year to continue the fight.

However, some countries don’t allow polio immunizations, Pinkney explains, and that refusal allows this highly contagious disease to spread.

“Unfortunately, that is one of the really ‘tough ones’ because we almost had it completely eradicated, and now there are quite a few countries that have it again.”

To learn more about how to help with the campaign, sign a petition or lobby to government, visit the website at www.rotary.org/en/end-polio.