Emergency response requested

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Daryl Martin enjoys the challenge of a mud hole with his ATV while his fellow travellers

Daryl Martin enjoys the challenge of a mud hole with his ATV while his fellow travellers


A slight glitch on a medical emergency 9-1-1 call in August has residents talking about how to ensure they get the emergency services they pay for through their property taxes.

The consensus in the Boultbee neighbourhood is residents should ask the 9-1-1 operator to call for a first responder at the time they ask for an ambulance.

Several local volunteers with the Interlakes Volunteer Fire Department are trained and on-call to provide swift emergency care until the paramedics arrive with the ambulance.


Roadside hazards

Walking or bicycle riding on Highway 24 is a common way to get around the neighbourhood.

Often, items found on the edge of the road tell a story of a disaster, a near disaster or the likelihood of a pending disaster. Items, such as tie-down straps, cotter pins and sheared bolts, are some of the disturbing debris observed this summer.

It is impossible to guard against all the unknown perils that could arise along the highway. However, it only takes a thorough circle check of our travelling equipment to ensure it is not our safety device that is found lying on the side of the highway.


Permits required

As residents get ready for the coming winter months, they must remember to carry a current free firewood permit for the district they are taking firewood from.

Since Lac des Roches residents live so close to the forestry boundary, it is advisable to ensure they carry a permit for both the Kamloops and the 100 Mile House forestry districts.

These are available online.

For 100 Mile House, Google 100 Mile House Forest District and look at permits and forms.

For Kamloops, go to www.for.gov.bc.ca/dka/permits/firewoodpermit.htm and go to firewood permits.


Plentiful gardens

So many disappointed neighbours are lamenting over crops that didn’t produce well this year.

For some vegetable gardeners, however, their crops are just starting to take off with the late warm weather. Bean, tomato and zucchini bushes are thriving and new pumpkins and squash are trying to form every day.

To the delight of one neighbour, a little digging around some late blooming potato plants uncovered several sizable and good looking spuds.


Warmth enjoyed

The beautiful weather on the Labour Day weekend provided everyone around the lake various opportunities to enjoy their last days of summer.

Organized ATV rides, family paddle excursions and boating sports were perfect ways to keep cool on the hot days. The exceptionally warm evening breezes, absent for most of the summer, were a pleasant change, especially so late in the season when there are fewer annoying bugs.


Wonderful wildlife

There are still a lot of babies around the lake providing entertainment for the wildlife observers.

Several waterfowl hens are escorting their chicks around the lake in search of food. The single eaglet on Kingfisher Lane is out of its nest and squawks constantly at its parents for food.

The ground squirrels have hibernated, but are still being hunted by the badgers and the yellow-coloured red fox – quite successfully.  Several does are leading their fawns directly into the remaining vegetable gardens. The black bear, hanging around Access 7, will likely start moving along the shore in search of ripening rose hips.


See-through glass

I am sorry for finally getting around to washing my windows.

Not even a day had passed since I rid the panes of the buildup of pollen and leaf miner remnants, when several song birds dazed themselves by hitting the unseen glass. If ever there was a good reason to put off housework, “it’s for the birds,” is definitely one of them.