Elderly couple needs a lift

Margaret Buhl has been bedridden for months and also recently broke her leg

Margaret Buhl has been bedridden for months and also recently broke her leg

Do we really care about our elderly people?

100 Mile House physician Dr. David Ramorasata wants to mobilize the local community to help elderly Horse Lake couple Erwin and Margaret Buhl who are struggling in their daily lives. Dr. Ramorasata has known the Buhls, who are in their eighties, for more than a year.

For the past few months, Margaret has been bedridden and recently she has broken her leg, which is not healing primarily because of her age. Erwin is struggling to look after her because she is quite heavy and not able to move at all.

Dr. Ramorasata has visited them many times in their home and has witnessed their struggle. Their major need is for an electric lift that Erwin can use to move her in and out of bed.

Once they no longer need the lift, it would then be passed on to someone else in need of it.

A lift costs around $5,000, and Adventist Health, together with Dr. Ramorasata, is beginning a fundraising campaign for the lift.

We believe there are many good and generous people here, who are willing to help, as well as some community organizations or service clubs.

Adventist Health is a group of individuals who are committed to helping this community enjoy better health. They conduct health seminars and are currently conducting a depression recovery Seminar with 27 participants.

All donations for the new lift are eligible for a tax-deducible receipt and all cheques should be made out to Adventist Health 100 Mile House and given to Dr. Ramorasata at the Exeter Clinic or mailed to Adventist Health; P.O. 1259; 100 Mile House, B.C.; VOK 2E0.

For more information, contact Dr. Ramorasata at 250-395-2271 (if he is unavailable just leave a message and he will call you back), or e-mail herycanran@gmail.com.

Cameron Johnston is a director with Silver Hills On-The-Road.