Do homework: improve literacy to improve life

September is Life Literacy Month in Canada and Sept. 8 is International Literacy Day

September is Life Literacy Month in Canada and Sept. 8 is International Literacy Day.

The United Nations theme this year is “Literacy and Peace.”  This theme was adopted to show how higher literacy skills and values bring everyone together.

Literacy gives us the skills we need to understand the world around us and participate in our communities. Let’s all celebrate literacy this September.

Literacy is one of the most important life skills we all use everyday.

So what is literacy?

Cariboo Chilcotin Partners for Literacy Society (CCPL) defines literacy “as how people understand and use information. It is how they read, write and use numbers and communication technology, such as computers, phone, fax, e-mail and the Internet.”

So why should you improve your literacy skills?

Increasing your literacy skills will help you retain your job and increase your employment goals by being prepared for the ever-changing job market. With higher literacy skills, you will be better able to take care of your family, money and have more opportunities.

What is the difference for those who have low literacy skills?

CCPL defines low literacy “as people not having the literacy skills they need to do these daily tasks. They have trouble with reading, writing and using numbers.”

CCPL supports programs from babies to seniors throughout the Cariboo.

Its programs include Partner Assisted Learning, Computer Literacy Classes, Group Tutoring, Community Learning Nights, Financial Literacy Workshops, English as a Second Language, Books for Babies and much more.

You can improve your literacy skills each and every day by taking some simple steps to improve your skills. Read a book, take up a hobby, play games with your family and friends, join a club, take a class and try to make learning a daily activity.

Take up a challenge with yourself to improve your reading, writing and math skills. Make it fun.

As your literacy skills improve, your life will improve, too.

If you would like more information about CCPL programs or volunteer opportunities, please give me a call at 250-945-4199.

Mel Newcombe is a CCPL community support worker.