District Governor visits 94 Lions in Forest Grove

Forest Grove Lions praised for their work at their annual Christmas dinner

Ed Kozuki

Ed Kozuki

On Dec. 14, Forest Grove 94 Lions president Chris Cummings and his fellow Lions welcomed District Governor Willem Roell to their Christmas dinner at the Forest Grove Fire Hall.

Other guests were president Victor Rafuse and past president Ed Kozuki of the Williams Lake Lions Club.

Roell was on a tour of some of the 67 clubs in his district. He explained District 19 D encompasses a huge area, extending from Prince George in the north as far south as Washington and North Idaho.

Roell was asked for his view on Lionism in the future.

Lions clubs will have to appeal to younger generations,” he replied.

In my travels, I saw it is often the small clubs that are doing well and the larger ones that are struggling. The clubs that are having fewer problems with membership are the ones where the members are visible in their communities, doing things to serve those communities.”

The 94 Lions are an excellent illustration of the Lions International motto, “We serve.” Their work is directly related to our community, such as providing firewood for those in need and stewardship of Ruth Lake Park. Although there are few opportunities for them to raise funds, as there would be in large urban centres, their form of service is certainly relevant to our lives in the Cariboo.

Governor Roell spoke with admiration about the 94 Lions’ projects and what they have accomplished in the Forest Grove area.


Where’s Colleen?

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in the Grove these days.

The Colleen in question is Colleen Felker. For the past nine years, she has been the “mail lady,” the deliverer of mail to Buffalo Creek, the Grove, Canim Lake and Eagle Creek.

Neither rain nor heat nor gloom of night” stopped Colleen on her rounds. Everyone knew her schedule and everyone expected to meet her white van on the road somewhere between the Grove and town.

It was a cost-cutting measure by Canada Post,” Colleen explained.

I was an independent contractor. It would be cheaper if the job went to a union member.”

Since the 1920’s when Herb Auld hauled mail and freight from 100 Mile with a team and wagon to the post office at the old Forest Grove Lodge, the mail wagon or vehicle has been called “the stage,” perhaps because passengers were often included in the freight.

In the winter Herb drove a cutter with high runners. When mud made the road impassable, he rode on horseback leading two packhorses. His route took him to the reserve and on to the McNeil ranch at the Cabbage Patch.

When John Bird drove the stage, the route was extended to the mining town of Hendrix Lake north of Forest Grove. John made the long trip through all kinds of interesting weather and road conditions.


Words of wisdom

Last Christmas at the Walking Club feast, we learned to clean wood stove windows with a wet paper towel and ashes.

This year’s words of wisdom apply to bakers. Before decorating a cake, cover the plate with strips of wax paper. Pull the strips out from under the cake and Voila! No smudges. Thank you to Leonnah Yostt for this hint.



New Year’s Eve Dance at the Forest Grove Legion. Border Run will be on stage, from 8 p.m. to midnight. Festivities include food and party favours. Tickets $20 per person. Designated drivers. For more information, call 250-397-2455.

School Bottle Drive, Jan.19, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., proceeds will go to playground fund.