Cowboy church services – Cariboo style

Cariboo Presbyterian Church pastor Dave Webber and his wife

Cariboo Presbyterian Church pastor Dave Webber and his wife

Cowboy churches are not new, as these non-denominational churches are all across North America.

“These are really informal services that started up around 16 to 17 years ago,” says Cariboo Presbyterian Church pastor Dave Webber.

He and his wife, Linda, come from a rural background and have ministered in rural parishes since 1983. Both of them are at home with the cowboy, the rancher and the people who just want to live a simpler life, he says.

There have been cowboy churches held at the different rodeos around the area, says Webber, and they hold informal services in different homes on a regular basis. He is enthusiastic about the music ranging from country and old-style gospel to blue grass, hinting at the fun around the table, with the harmonicas and guitar picking.

“This is not gimmicky; this is the authentic thing. We want to get back to our roots in offering Christian worship,” Webber says, emphasizing the informality of the service content.

“I feel more comfortable telling a story then preaching at people and I think the music adds greatly to the informality of the service.”

Cowboy Church services kick off on April 17 at the Cariboo Presbyterian Church at 4855 Timothy Lake Rd. in Lac la Hache. There will be a providence pot-luck supper for this service starting at 5 p.m., church services start at 7 p.m.

“It’s the little “barn-red” church on the hill and everyone is welcome to come.”

For more information on the pot-luck or the services, call Webber at 250-396-4251.