Brayden and Logan Hendry. (Millar Hill - 100 Mile Free Press)

Brayden and Logan Hendry. (Millar Hill - 100 Mile Free Press)

Community Spirit: Brothers act as role models

‘It shows children that not all teenagers are mean’

Brayden and Logan Hendry are a dynamic duo when it comes to their involvement in the community, especially with kids.

“I noticed when the school had their year-end event, the boys in the Big Brother and Big Sister program were really attached to Brayden and Logan,” said Heather Wood, the work experience facilitator Peter Skene Ogden Secondary School. “I could tell the children really looked up to them.”

A typical week for the Hendry brothers often involves volunteering for the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, the 100 Mile Performing Arts Society or children’s recreational sports.

As twins, the brothers are practically inseparable, even when it comes to volunteering. According to Logan, they often spend up to six hours a week volunteering.

“Most of the time we are together but there are times when we aren’t,” he said.

When it comes to the Big Brother Big Sister program, the brothers enjoy becoming involved with the kids.

“I enjoy the aspect of being there with the kids, being present and helping them when they need it,” said Logan. “It shows children that not all teenagers are mean, some are really kind and can be helpful.”

As a role model, Brayden said it’s important to listen to the children, to show them you care.

“It’s nice seeing the children look up to them,” said Wood. “Usually, we don’t have many big brothers, we have a lot of big sisters for the in-school mentoring, so when we do get boys, especially twins, it is such a good experience. They really make the kids happy.”

Wood said she has been able to see the Hendry brothers grow and become more involved in the community each year.

“They are making a difference,” said Wood.

Lately, the brothers have been heavily involved in the Performing Arts Society – whether it’s a part of the production or behind the scenes. As the weather gets warmer, the brothers can be seen volunteering as referees for kids soccer.

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