Members of the new Interlakes Horse Club and their horses enjoying Bowers Lake on July 24. (Photo contributed)

Members of the new Interlakes Horse Club and their horses enjoying Bowers Lake on July 24. (Photo contributed)

Column: New Interlakes Horse Club thriving

Diana Forster’s column to the Free Press

The Interlakes Horse Club (IHC) is a very new and thriving entity whose mission is to “create a safe, fun, educational and supportive place for horse people and their horses.”

It has already held gymkhanas at Interlakes Rodeo Grounds on June 12, July 10 and Aug. 7, with another scheduled for Sept. 11. Visitors are welcome to come watch.

Swimming with Horses at Bowers Lake on July 24 resulted in a comment: ”It was a success and so much fun. We rode in, rode up a mountain to capture some stunning views and went for a swim. All the horses had a blast splashing and exploring the lake. These events are exactly what IHC is all about! Creating opportunities for those who wish to explore new places and experiences.”

Register for membership to support the club’s development. Membership gives you the right to vote, reduced entry fees, and more. All proceeds from memberships, donations and fundraising go into building a foundation for decades to come. IHC’s goal is to offer a place for each member to mould what the club offers in events and activities, welcoming all disciplines of riding. Join them, stay local and have fun.

As a new club this year, they would especially like to hear from anyone who would be interested in taking board positions and/or volunteering at events.

You can register and sign up for events at the website For information, e-mail

Interlakes Volunteer Fire Department Society’s annual general meeting, Aug. 25, saw president Hazel Smith and vice president Doreen Wishart re-elected. Directors in mid-term include secretary Deborah Atherton, treasurer Lynn Gerwing and directors Glenda Bruce, Pam Canty and Angela deBruyn.

Interlakes Community Centre Events

There may still be some space at the Interlakes Cattlebelles’ Preserving Workshop (canning/dehydrating/freezing) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., on Sept. 10 at Interlakes Community Centre (ICC.) Call 250-609-4144 for information or to reserve.

It’s also time to reserve your $20 table at ICC’s annual Christmas Craft Fair, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 12. Due to previous successes, it will again be held outdoors. Call 250-609-4144.

The Log Cabin Quilters are back in action, 9:30 am to 2:30 p.m., every Wednesday at ICC. Sept. 14 and 28 are for community quilting, while Sept. 21 is for members only.

Poker will recommence on a bi-monthly schedule from Oct. 8. Stay tuned for an international dinner on Oct. 15 and the usual Halloween activities.

Birthday bubbly goes to Carney Myers and Dave McCaw, and congratulations go to Natalie and Dave McCaw on their 27th wedding anniversary.

Most especially, we send many congratulations, with added caviar and champagne, for Alan McAninch’s 100th birthday, Sept. 12. Although Al had to stop cruising, he is still dancing every day!

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