Colourful canvas for Thanksgiving weekend

News from the Canim Lake community of the South Cariboo

Dear Canimites,

Yellow leaves falling in gusts, skies of warm blue with occasional gentle showers, and crisp air, graced the Thanksgiving weekend at Canim and Hawkins lakes, as families and friends gathered to celebrate the blessings of the land.


Good steel overhead

Under the guidance of professional roofer Garrett Williams, a crew of Community Club volunteers put a new roof on Margo’s Cabin, ensuring yet another dry year of community cards and gatherings.

Garrett quipped that there were enough screws going into the tin that a hurricane would have to take the whole building. Afterwards, the women did a thorough fall cleaning.

Special thanks go to Art and Judy Dumaresq who donated the tin, to Garrett whose immense cool kept things on track, and to the chili makers for the great lunch. I will not reveal the true number of ‘second helpings’ Ken Kerr had.


Community Club

• Gordon Dickie of Donex will be joining members at Margo’s Cabin tomorrow (Oct. 20) at noon for lunch and a presentation.

Gordon says he will speak about the drug distribution system of the body, where various drugs react and why. He’ll cover items of common interest, such as vitamins, calcium and aspirin, but he will leave lots of time for questions. Memberships can be purchased at the door for $5

• The first gathering of the 3C’s (Crafts, Coffee and Cards) will be on Oct. 27 at 10 a.m. at Margo’s Cabin.

The first craft of the year will be the crocheting of strong reusable tote bags from leftover plastic grocery store bags. For those who don’t need another tote bag, there is good coffee, pleasant banter and cards. For more information on these items, call club president Margo Wagner at 250-397-0016.


People news

• Local craftsman Robert Mayer is “turning out” some beautiful pieces with his lathes. He is making pens, candle sticks, bowls and other objects of materials, such as antler and local woods, applying his creative mind to develop new variations on old themes.

• Several residents are using the new exercise gym with the permission of the Canim Lake Band. The facility is available 24/7 and a membership costs $40 a month.

The experience starts with an introduction to the equipment by an exercise specialist. For more information, call Lynne Baker at 250-397-2379.


Citizens on Patrol

The Canim Lake Citizens on Patrol (COPS) group recently sent a letter to residents requesting financial support to fund the group’s patrol activities.

The community responded with a strong show of support, donating $1,135 and sending in many kind comments. The money was received by the umbrella organization South Cariboo COPS, which keeps the funds for the use of the Canim group and provides technical assistance.

COPS groups work under the auspices of the RCMP. For information, call Margo at 250-397-0016.


Great Debate

There is an age-old question that has bounced around the Cariboo for men who work with animals, the land and machinery – how clean do your hands have to be before you come to the dinner table.

On a recent fishing trip, my friend enunciated for his wife what all men know in their hearts – there is “good dirt” that needn’t be washed, and “bad dirt” that must be. It’s complex.

Dirt from old Mercs, aluminum boats, worms and fish is “good” because of its close association with water, though chainsaw dirt falls into the same category.

“Bad” dirt on the other hand, is any dirt associated with housework and window washing, despite its close association with water. Who knew?

Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.