Canim Lake’s Elizabeth Haretzmuller wowed crowd at Showcase Performance

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Canim Lake resident Elizabeth Haretzmuller spends a lot of time at her piano

Canim Lake resident Elizabeth Haretzmuller spends a lot of time at her piano

Dear Canimites,

The hillsides are greening up as buds burst forth on the birches and aspen, drawing in the many birds that feast on insects.

At Hawkins Lake, Wayne Traill spotted 51 species in one day.


Talented pianist

Elizabeth Haretzmuller, daughter of Rob and Michelle, delighted audiences at the recent Festival of the Arts with her piano.

She won gold certificates from her adjudicator, the JS Bach Jr. award, the 20th Century Jr. piano award, and got her name on the Helen Ames Trophy. Quite a feat for a Canim Lake musician who is just turning 11.

Elizabeth has been playing for three years and is coached by Michelle’s sister, Jenny Dahl.


Gigantic sale

Coming May 28 to the Canim Lake Store is the gigantic blow-out planter sale arranged by the community club.

Twenty-five hanging baskets and pots have been prepared. There will also be a selection of perennials from the area.

Yvette Stark and Margo Wagner have purchased the four succulent roasts that Leona Hurrell and Elizabeth Sarkozy will cook to perfection for beef-on-a-bun lovers. Master baker Granny Grace Buse is baking fresh buns for the treat.

There will be a banquet of tasty baked goods from the loving hands of the good women of Canim and Hawkins lakes, with a stress on pies. Local crafters and artists have been invited to set up tables.


Grass fire

Firefighters had their hands full April 30, as a resident lit a small pile of brush in the late morning.

Adjacent dry grass immediately flared up and the fire headed for his buildings. Hall #2 was first on scene and managed to stop the blaze just short of the first structure.

Shifting winds then drove the fire off in different directions, forcing incident commander Capt. Ken Kerr to deploy teams to protect the neighbour’s buildings. In all, about 30 acres of grassland were burnt, but no buildings were lost.

Kudos go to the combined forces of Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Department Halls #1 and #2, 100 Mile House Fire-Rescue, and the Forests ministry. Twenty-six responders were involved with six engines and tenders for most of the day.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you many blessings.