Canim Lake residents are moving back into their fall activities

Community news happening around the Canim Lake area of the South Cariboo

Terry Wagner and Bev McGregor kibitzed before the start of play on the first evening of crib at Margo’s Cabin.

Terry Wagner and Bev McGregor kibitzed before the start of play on the first evening of crib at Margo’s Cabin.

Dear Canimites

The leaves are down.

Those of you on top of your chores have them raked. The rest of us are pretending not to see them. With the dark sky of the new moon, the autumn constellations are blazing in the clear Cariboo night, so brightly, in fact, that it is sometimes difficult to pick them out without a good star chart. Overhead and slightly to the north, the vain queen Cassiopeia reclines on her throne, gazing at her husband Cepheus, king of Aethiopia.

Cassiopeia is the skewed W, while Cepheus, just to the northwest, looks like an off-kilter square with a leaning peaked roof.

To their south, wild Pegasus gallops in his eternal ride through the night.


Canim Community Club news

It will be an active and interesting winter for Canim Community Club (CCC) members.

The Book Club has already been meeting, and crib players are again enjoying the cut and thrust of the game.

The card players meet every Tuesday evening at 7:30 in Margo’s Cabin. It’s a relaxed group which is inviting anyone else who would like to play to come and join them. Call Margo at 250-397-0016 if you have questions.

She had a perfect five-games-win in the first night’s action, followed closely by Lynne Baker. The others are revving up their engines and will be coming on strong.


Book Club

Marianne Van Osch will be speaking to the CCC about her new book Along the Clearwater Trail, which describes the life of local pioneer Vivian (Toody) Shirran.

The talk will be on Nov. 14 at 10 a.m. in Margo’s Cabin. Memberships are available at the door.

The following Tuesday at 10 a.m., the Book Club will be discussing the story at the home of Leona Hurrell. Contact Leona at 250-397-2586 for any details.

Other books coming up this reading season are Away, Two Solitudes, The Inconvenient Indian, February and Life of Pi. You are most welcome to join this group. Contact Sheila Hart at 250-397-2645 for details.


Road issues?

At the recent Cariboo Regional District Area H town-hall meeting, residents out Ruth Lake way raised a safety issue with their road, which is so badly heaved that small cars can drag their undercarriages.

If you have concerns out here in Canim country, Phil Doddridge of Interior Roads described two ways of raising them with the company.

For emergencies such as icing, call 1-800-842-4122. An operator with direct radio contact to equipment on the roads is available 24/7.

For complaints, which are not present emergencies, use the “Public Communication Record” on the Interior Roads website ( under the “Feedback” tab. Doing so sends your concerns directly to all responsible levels in the company, from the foreman to the managers.



The Canim COPS group met recently.

Patrols of the area are made regularly, but at different times of day and night. The group is repairing a “speed board,” which you may see in use in the future at strategic points in the area.

COPS captain Margo Wagner said the community was very responsive to the recent request for donations that was mailed to residents. A total of $1,585 was received, with several very large contributions.

The group sends a sincere thank-you for this support and encouragement.


People news

Marion Kellett is finding Carefree Manor a bit more to her liking, with its good food, services and activities.

But when asked how she is doing, the answer is invariably, “I’d rather be home.” Several women in the community make a point of visiting and taking her out to the monthly Ladies Luncheons.

That’s all for now. Until next time, here’s wishing you all many blessings.