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ARCHIVES: Transport truck crashes twice on Eagle Creek Road in 1975

From the Free Press Archives
Members of the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department use a cut-off saw to access a chimney fire in the 108 Mile Ranch in 2000. (100 Mile Free Press Historical photo)

49 YEARS AGO (1975): A public Freightways transport truck crashed twice on Eagle Creek Road in the same day. The vehicle was carrying a load of grinding balls en route for the Boss Mountain Mine site when it drove off the Eagle Creek bridge. The accident required a wrecker to hoist the truck and its cargo back onto the road holding up logging truck traffic and causing some mine employees to be unable to make it to work. Later on the same truck - now loaded with molybdenum from the mine- jackknifed on Eagle Creek Hill only a mile from the previous accident scene scattering pallets of molybdenum across the road.

36 YEARS AGO (1988): Two local radio stations were engaged in a “radio war” for their listeners’ attention. Both stereo newcomer CFFM and veteran AM broadcaster CKBX claimed to be the most popular radio stations in the South Cariboo market. Local CKBX manager Spence Henderson said they were “thumping” CFFM, noting they had more listeners tuned in to their morning shows. However, Gill McCall, manager of CFFM, countered that people were listening to his station for longer. They were both referring to data collected by the Broadcast Bureau of Measurement in 1987 which tracked the listening habits of Cariboo residents.

24 YEARS AGO (2000): A hole was cut into a 108 Mile Ranch couple’s home to save it from a fire. On Feb. 3 around 7 p.m. the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department received a report of a chimney fire on Kyllo Lake Road. When they arrived Deputy Chief Larry Knutsen said they discovered the fire had spread beyond the chimney and smouldering inside the wall between the chimney and fireplace. Acting fast the firefighters used a chainsaw and cut-off saw to tear a hole in the wall, catching the fire just as it reached the roof line preventing further damage.

12 YEARS AGO (2012): The annual Heart and Stroke Foundation Big Bike Ride was set to return to 100 Mile House in June. 100 Mile’s team, the TIB Jones and Friends Team, was led by the energetic and enthusiastic April Roberts who received a Spirit Award from the foundation in 2011 for her efforts. Roberts said she has five team members signed up so far and was looking for 24 in total. The team’s name TIB Jones & Friends honoured her father who passed away at the age of 62 due to a stroke.

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