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ARCHIVES: In 1987 students were driving customers away from the Cariboo Diner

From the Free Press Archives

61 YEARS AGO (1962): The alertness of a 100 Mile House garage owner resulted in the arrest of two juveniles, ages 16 and 17, who were wanted in Vancouver for car theft and in Chilliwack for break-in and theft. The two boys gassed up their car at Russ Fraser’s gas station and paid with a handful of dimes and nickels. Fraser contacted police after he began to think about the unusual amount of small change they used. RCMP radioed the highway patrol car and the two youths were stopped just before 150 Mile House.

50 YEARS AGO (1973): Residents of West Sheridan Lake, Fawn Lake and Highway 24 were looking forward to having power by the spring of 1974. Eighteen permanent resident and 42 seasonal resident applications had been submitted to BC Hydro. Construction of the 12 mile extension east of Lone Butte was slated to begin once applicants’ deposits were all received. The estimated cost to householders was around $225 based on the number of applications received at that time and did not include any construction necessary on private property.

39 YEARS AGO (1984): The main topic for discussion at the Cariboo Marathon Committees’ first meeting of the 1984-85 season was a plan to create an integrated trail system that would link up the 108 Mile Ranch, 108 Hills and Red Coach Inn - Coach and Waggon trials. Terry Young estimated there was approximately 200 kilometres of mapped and groomed trails between the three resorts. The initial cost to link the trails together was $2,400. This was just clearing the undergrowth. Cutting the tracks, grooming and mapping the trails was expected to cost significantly more.

38 YEARS AGO (1995): The Cariboo Diner was a popular meeting place for students wanting to study. Waitress Kim Stokes said they had 25-30 students at a time and they were losing their regular customers as a result. Regular Stanley McCallum agreed. Stokes said she called the school and the vice-principal told her to just kick them out in the street. Students interviewed at the diner felt they had more time to study. Some students heard the school was attempting to create a study hall. Many of them felt the new location would not have the same feel as the diner.

Fiona Grisswell

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