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From the Free Press Archives

ARCHIVES: In 1962 William Baldus saved the lives of three men

From the Free Press archives

61 YEARS AGO (1962): William Baldus was awarded with a certificate from the Royal Canadian Humane Association for saving the lives of three men in Lake Mahood. The men had been in a boat the previous October when it capsized, throwing them into the water. They clung to the keel of the boat for over an hour before their cries for help were heard by Mrs. Grace Naismith. Baldus pulled two men aboard and lashed the third to the boat as he was too weak to get inside. Once ashore, Dr. Archibald G. Naismith treated them for exposure.

53 YEARS AGO (1970): A Vancouver Sun article was the subject of a strongly written letter by council after the paper wrote a potentially damaging story that gave the wrong impression of 100 Mile House. Two paragraphs stated the Emissaries of Divine Light owned “practically all” of 100 Mile House and dominated its economic life. The story made it sound as though there were perhaps a half dozen businesses in 100 Mile House instead of close to 50 in town. All members of the council and the mayor – a minister in the Emissary program – signed the letter.

37 YEARS AGO (1986): RCMP Const. Tom Tarabawka said the results of the holiday CounterAttack program were impressive. Only 78 out of 618 vehicles that passed through the roadblocks during the holiday season were given written warnings. He said it was even more impressive that not a single impaired driver was charged. Tarabawka said drivers conducted themselves well over the holiday season. He said RCMP wanted to let drivers know they were out and about and to take it easy when heading out.

19 YEARS AGO (2004): Firefighters used to battling the heat had a chance to keep cool during a fishing derby planned by 100 Mile House Fire Rescue, scheduled to take place on Feb 8 on Horse Lake. Fire chief Darrell Blades discussed the event at the District of 100 Mile House Jan. 13 council meeting. Fishing was scheduled to start at 7 a.m. with weigh-in at 2:30 p.m. Tickets were available for purchase from firefighters during regular Thursday night fire practices or on the day of the event. The entry fee was $10 with the proceeds going to the 100 Mile House Child Care Resource and Referral.

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