The newly completed complex in Forest Grove back in 1978. (100 Mile Free Press historical photo)

ARCHIVES: Forest Grove Community Curling Rink receives grant in 1978

From the Free Press Archives

45 YEARS AGO (1978): The Forest Grove Community Curling Rink received a grant of $58,866 to cover one-third of the cost of building a new $180,000 curling rink. Several years previous a small loan was paid off through weekly bingos. The hall committee also built up a bank account to $10,000 that was spent on the rink as was several thousand dollars the club had in the bank. Five club members bought the old rink property for $10,000 and turned it over to the rink committee. In all the committee raised $40,000 of their own money.

34 YEARS AGO (1989): A house at 250 Cedar St. was to be moved to make room for a 26-30 space parking lot. Council had the property rezoned for parking. The lot was financed by a loan the 100 Mile Community Club paid off with bingo earnings. The estimated cost of the lot was $150,000. The organization had yet to discuss arrangements for public parking with council. President Dorothy Verboom said the lot was intended to ease the strain put on businesses when weddings or events were held at the community hall.

25 YEARS AGO (1998): Green Lake resident, Gunhild Skold, 84, began baking masses of tarts, cookies and jelly rolls to sell at the South Cariboo Farmers’ Market. The proceeds went to the 100 Mile Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). “It’s my dream come true,” said the SPCA life member. She made anywhere from $60-90 each market with half going to the SPCA building fund and the other half going towards the care of animals. The project was a venture between Skold and her husband Erik who helped packaged the baking, drove her to town and helped set up the display.

12 YEARS AGO (2011): A fundraiser fishing derby at Crystal Lake was held to benefit the BC Neurofibromatosis Foundation (BCNF). The Fishing for a Cure organizers Rob and Traci Parks held the event for a disease that afflicted children in the 100 Mile area. Rob invited everyone to come out for the weekend and help raise funds and awareness to help find a cure for neurofibromatosis. “The more we raise right now the better, because BCNF is still a disease unknown to many people. We just want people to come out and have fun while we help to find a cure,” he said.

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