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ARCHIVES: Families attempted to boost membership in 103 Mile pool co-op

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40 YEARS AGO (1982): The television network CBC offered live telecasts of 37 of 52 World Cup soccer games in the summer of 1982. It was the first time live coverage of the event would be available in Canada. Held every four years, the 1982 World Cup had 24 countries competing with six groups of four teams in the initial round competing in round-robin play. The commentators for the matches were Steve Armitage and former World Cup player, Graham Leggat. The opening game was to feature defending champion Argentina against Belgium on June 13.

30 YEARS AGO (1990): Seventeen families who joined the 103 Mile community pool co-op attempted to boost pool membership. The pool was located in the residential area of the 103 Mile subdivision but it was open to anyone in the area. The pool included a 12-foot diving board, a lounge area for parties, shower facilities, change rooms, and a sauna, and there were plans to provide swimming lessons and aerobic exercises in the summer. One of the newest members of the pool co-op, Lynda McNabb said, “it’s great for birthday parties, or taking a dip at night, or whatever.”

20 YEARS AGO (2000): April 7th set the record for the earliest opening of the 108 golf course. Ladies Golf President Pat Babineau said the “course is in great shape for early golf season.” Members of the Ladies Golf Club planned to open their season around May 7, inviting women from both Williams Lake and Marmot Ridge for nine holes and lunch. Babineau emphasized new members and beginners were always welcome. On the first men’s golf night, April 26, 53 men came out to play.

10 YEARS AGO (2010): Six people from the Bethel Pentecostal Community Church (BPCC) left 100 Mile House for South Africa. The members of the church had taken time off their regular jobs to build a school near Mungo, Zambia. The group was delayed by a volcano eruption in Iceland that created a cloud of ash over Europe. However, when they arrived, they brought more than $16,000 dollars in donations that they had raised in the South Cariboo. The BPCC raised $31,000 which they took with them to directly donate to VOH-A projects in Zambian communities.

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