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ARCHIVES: Couple wins legal battle with Revenue Canada in Forest Grove

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36 YEARS AGO (1985): After a three-year legal battle with Revenue Canada, Forest Grove’s Terry and Ann Trip emerged victorious. The Trips, farmers by trade, were fighting the results of a 1982 audit of their farm that reclassified them from a full-time to a part-time farm. This meant they would have owed $15,000 in back taxes accrued from 1978 to 1981. The couple’s fight drew national attention after Cariboo-Chilcotin MP Lorne Greenaway mentioned them in a House of Commons speech, criticizing Revenue Canada’s method of auditing family farms.

27 YEARS AGO (1994): Despite the best efforts of his mother and neighbours, four-year-old Ian Dunbar died after being mauled by a juvenile black bear. Ian had gone out to play in his backyard when he encountered the bear and screamed. His mother Lisa came outside to find the bear on top of her son and attempted to fight it off with a stick. After the intervention of neighbours, the bear was scared away and Ian was rushed to 100 Mile District General Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The bear was later tracked and killed that same day.

18 YEARS AGO (2003): The clumsiness of a pair of suspected drug dealers helped 100 Mile House RCMP seize two bags of money. The suspects were first seen speeding on Highway 97 near 92 Mile in a sports utility vehicle, and Const. Lorne Wood noted there were several indicators that suggested they could be running drugs or money up the highway. This was seemingly confirmed when a man exited the vehicle and accidentally dropped a large amount of cash. After searching the SUV. RCMP officers seized two Ziplock bags full of money and identified one of the men as an alleged cocaine dealer.

9 YEARS AGO (2012): The shooting of a deer on Katchmar Road shocked and angered local residents. Dinah Cunningham said she confronted the hunter when he exited a truck carrying his firearm in full view of her house. The man reportedly fired his firearm from the road and shouted ‘I can do what I like, I live around here’ before walking into the woods. He later joked that he missed anyway before leaving. Cunningham found a dead deer by the road and reported the truck’s license plate to police. He was charged with illegal shooting and fined $700 by the B.C. Conservation Officer Service.

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