From the Free Press Archives

From the Free Press Archives

ARCHIVES: Cariboo Wheel Day Celebration held all weekend in 1983

From the Free Press Archives

40 YEARS AGO (1983): Square dancing, fishing and horse riding were all part of the Cariboo Wheel Day Celebrations at Watch and Green Lakes. Hundreds of people got together for one last fling before summer residents and visitors returned home. The fun kicked off Friday night with the Squaredance Campout at Sandy Beach Resort where people danced for the entire weekend. For those who didn’t feel like dancing, games of bingo, a gymkhana and a horseshoe pitching competition were available.

30 YEARS AGO (1993): Even though he’d only lived in 108 Mile Ranch for four years, one man had put hours into reclaiming an overgrown section of the 108 Mile Community Centre property. Preferring to remain anonymous the man was dubbed ‘Mr. X’ by the Free Press and said he simply “saw some things that needed to be done so I sought a mandate… and went ahead and did them.” As the weeds were cleared away Mr. X removed stones from the field and cleaned up some trash before having one of his friends level the area with a tractor.

20 YEARS AGO (2003): After receiving a call from the Fire Commissioner’s Office, four members of 100 Mile Fire Rescue and a fire truck left to help fight fires in the Cranbrook area. The four firefighters included Sean Paterson, Rick Lewington, Bob Sparreboom and Dean Essex. Lewington said they were asked to leave 100 Mile House within an hour of the call being made. The four were set to fight fires for the next week before being relieved by a fresh batch of 100 Mile firefighters. Those on the frontlines of B.C. wildfires were pulling 12 to 14-hour days.

10 YEARS AGO (2013): Liberal Party of Canada leader Justin Trudeau made waves on Parliament Hill after admitting to smoking marijuana while serving as a Member of Parliament. Trudeau made the comments during a candid interview with the Huffington Post discussing his support for cannabis legalization. Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod weighed in remarking while she had smoked pot in college, she’d never done so while in government. McLeod said whether you believe in the laws or not, as a member of government you should abide by them.

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