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ARCHIVES: 70 Mile residents turn vigilante to save malnourished horses

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28 YEARS AGO (1993): Several 70 Mile residents turned ‘vigilante’ when they stole two malnourished horses from the Poplar Beach Resort on South Green Lake Road. One of the horses, a 16-year-old gelding named Festus, was so skinny his ribs visibly showed, leading to him being spirited away. SPCA representative Darryl Terrace was working to have Festus and the other animals inspected by a veterinarian and said the abductions complicated his investigation. Green Lake’s Donna McLean was unrepentant and said while what she and others did was legally wrong it was morally right.

21 YEARS AGO (2000): 100 Mile House paramedic Luke Reimer had two of the strongest wrists in Canada. Reimer attended a national arm wrestling competition where he came first in his weight class of 200 to 220 pounds for his left arm and second for his right. At 210 pounds, Remer said he had to fight hard against bigger men to clinch the win. Eligible for the world championships in Finland he was considering going to test his arm strength against the best in the world if he could afford it.

14 YEARS AGO (2007): A broken gas line caused the Pinkney Complex on Horse Lake Road to be evacuated. Larry Pinkney accidentally broke the Terasen gas line while clearing land beside the complex with a backhoe. A cloud of gas was unleashed that shut down the road for two hours and caused local businesses to evacuate while the situation was evaluated by 100 Mile RCMP and 100 Mile House Fire Rescue. Pinkney apologized for the damage and disruption to local business.

7 YEARS AGO (2014): Most residents of 70 Mile House wanted Highway 97’s speed limit reduced, at least through their 2.5-km stretch. The 70 Mile House Safety and Speed Reduction Committee circulated a petition calling for the Ministry of Transportation to reduce the speed limit to 70 km/h until new safety measures could be put in place. The petition proved popular with 576 people signing it. The speed limit was 100 km/hr but often broken by cars and trucks passing through town, making the area dangerous for those using the 16 businesses and residential access roads linked to the highway.

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